Is Globalist George Soros A Nazi Collaborator

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George Soros Funds Black Lives Matter, Violence at the Trump Rallies, Revolutions around the World. He creates divisiveness within nations which leads to instability and revolutionary transformations of society. Crisis-Reaction-Solution













By:  Nick Russo       February 8, 2017

Power Bloc:  noun.  An association of groups having a common interest and acting as a single political force.

There is a Power Bloc which exists at one level larger than the Nation-State level.  This Power Bloc is an association of Individuals, Special Interest Groups, and some factions within National Governments who have organized themselves around the common interest of implementing a global governing system which is to be imposed upon the People’s of the world.  This Power bloc’s organizing philosophy of Global Governance is called Globalism.  We must all begin to properly acknowledge this Globalist dimension of political reality in order to understand and ultimately defeat this philosophy which seeks to sacrifice Individual Freedom on the alter of Control.

It is a reality that an international power bloc exists that is not a nation-state or even an alliance of nation-states and this concentration of power is extremely formidable.

This power bloc consists of individuals who live all over the world and in many different nation-states.  However, they pledge allegiance to NO INDIVIDUAL NATION-STATE FLAG.  They are Internationalists. They are literally in the process of building a political, social, and financial system that operates at a SUPRA-NATIONAL LEVEL.  These Globalists intend to strip sovereignty away from individual nation-states (and individuals) using the same tactics which the European Union used with the countries of Europe.

One such Globalists which has been written about here extensively is billionaire George Soros, an admitted Globalist.  Please click on the articles below to understand the context in which Soros has used literally hundreds of millions of dollars to fund destabilization efforts designed to weaken nation-states and/or nullify national borders all over the world.


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What kind of person would wish to destroy the cultures and economies of individual countries in order to reshape the world into Globalism?  What kind of person would wish to destroy Individual Freedom and impose an authoritarian system of Control over the Peoples of the world?

This kind of person.  Let George Soros himself tell you what kind of person he is in the following video where he describes in his own words how he feels no guilt or remorse for helping the nazi’s confiscate the property of fellow Jews during Hitler’s occupation of Hungary (pay close attention to his smiles and body language):

In the video below, George Soros describes how while he was aiding the nazi’s in the confiscation of the property of his fellow countrymen it was the “happiest year of my life, the year of the German occupation..for me it was a very positive experience”.


Globalism is essentially Global Authoritarianism. Globalism denies Individual Freedom and imposes its systems on People from the top down.  Only individuals like George Soros could desire such a system.

Let’s look at the fruits of Globalism and what people should expect if it is allowed to transform the world.

Example China:

The Globalist take over of China began during the Chinese Revolution of the 30’s and 40’s.  That is when a Globalist faction within the United States government provided funding and support to the Communist Mao, over the Nationalist Chiang Kai-shek who sought to establish a Constitutional Republic in China.  This support of the Communists over the Nationalists is well documented in this article:

China Betrayed Into Communism-(see here)

In the Globalist view, China is the grand model for all current nation-states. That is because China has been completely taken over by these Internationalists.  There is NO resistance to the leaders there.  The people have been trained to be completely subservient over multiple generations now.  And what fruits do the people of China receive from Globalism:

A One -Child policy was imposed on China beginning in the 1970’s including forced abortions for violators-see here.

There is no freedom of religion in China.  You will be imprisoned or killed for exercising this Divine Right-see here.

China has mobile execution vans which show up, execute ‘criminals’ and then speed off to the airport to sell the harvested organs of the murdered-see here.


The fruits of Globalism are not Life and Liberty-they are Death and Control.  We must resist.