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Real Time High Tech Censorship In America Today - The Animating Contest of Freedom

Real Time High Tech Censorship In America Today

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All Ideas and Thoughts are allowed in a Free Society








By:  Nick Russo     March 5, 2018

What if I told you some main-stream media organizations in cooperation with the ‘permanent government’ or ‘deep state’ are actively Censoring other media organizations and individuals to prevent them from expressing Ideas which challenge the narrative of main-stream stories on major events.

You probably wouldn’t care.  But, I am going to present the information to you anyway.

I am telling you that incredible censorship is taking place in real time-right NOW. In addition, the Censorship is being accomplished by the elite ruling class using high-tech algorithms and other new 21st Century technology to stealthily interfere with Constitutional Freedoms such as Speech.  Most people have been unknowingly herded into ‘Digital Ghettos’ know as social media.  A handful of social media companies now Control the digital arenas where free discourse takes place and they are (wrongly) claiming that these private companies can decide who can or can not participate in these ‘Pubic Commons’.

Put differently, private companies owned by ruling elites think they can decide who has Speech and who does not.

The reason why the First Amendment is first is because We The People are encouraged to use freedom of speech to present our Ideas into the ‘free marketplace of ideas’ and let these Ideas stand or fall based on their Merit.  We are encouraged to fight using our Ideas and Speech instead of using the firearms guaranteed to us in the Second Amendment.

In our system of Individual Freedom, Individuals are given Absolute Freedom to disseminate Ideas and Speech as long as this Speech does Not call for violence against others or does not put People in real danger, for example, yelling fire in a movie theater.  This concept is the foundation for all Freedom.

If you can not present an Idea that is Contrary to the prevailing consensus, Truth can never be discovered and power can never be challenged.  Ideas are to be presented, evidence is to be shown, then the Idea either stands or falls based on how it coincides with Reality.

If you can not present an Idea that challenges your government or your society, YOU ARE NOT FREE. 

The idea of America does not exist if Free Speech and the ‘free marketplace of ideas’ are not allowed.

And now for the proof of Censorship occurring in the United States of America-Today:

Here is the House Intelligence Committee speaking with representatives of the major social media companies describing in public, for everyone to see, how real time censorship happens in the United States using 21st Century technology:  A MUST SEE VIDEO…

Watch This Video of our Government encouraging Censoring of its citizens:

Here is an article detailing how one media organization (CNN) initiated complaints against another media organization (Infowars) in order to get YouTube to ban the speech of CNN’s competitor.  Keep in mind that the complaints are NOT based on any calls for violence.  The reason for the proposed censorship is that the Ideas are crazy and do not support the main-stream narrative.

From:   How the Florida school shooting conspiracies sprouted and spread, CNN 2/23/18

CNN also identified three similar YouTube videos from InfoWars and asked if they also violated YouTube’s policies. The YouTube spokesperson said the videos CNN sent were flagged to the policy team for review.


So, next time someone says, ” that doesn’t happen here in America”.  Please show them the truth.

There are forces within our society that desire to change America into something that is not America.  If we do not actively resist this effort to redefine our nation, we will one day wake up in a different nation.  Unfortunately, it will look a lot like most of the other nations in the world complete with much less freedom.

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