Are You Tired Of Winning Yet

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By:  Nick Russo    September 30, 2018

Are you tired of having a U.S. President who looks out for the American People.

Are you tired of having an American President who is not afraid to look another world leader in the eyes and tell him directly that Americans rule America not global institutions. 

Are you tired of having an American President who calls out domestic politicians in the national media and publicly details their illegalities and falseness for the entire American public to judge.


President Trump said we would be tired of so much winning.  Let’s list some of the winning taking place in the United States since Trump’s election:

United States withdrawals from Sovereignty killing, job killing Trans Pacific Partnership

United States withdrawals from the Paris Climate Agreement.  NO Global Carbon Tax.  Sovereignty restored.

United States withdrawals from U.N. Global Compact on Migration. No blanket quotas on migration. Trump reminded the world that the American People determine who enters our nation and from where.

Economy: 2.9 million jobs added since election. Unemployment lowest in 45 years.  Averaging over 3% growth-Obama only averaged 1.9% growth. Wages increasing faster than in decades. Trillions added to 401K’s and the stock market.  2.8 Million people off of Food Stamps since election.

Federal Court Life-Long Appointments:  Two Firm Constitutionists put on the Supreme Court securing Constitutional Rule of Law for decades in the future.  A record amount (21) Circuit Court judges appointed; re-energizing the federal court system with fairness.

Renegotiated NAFTA: The trade agreement which has hurt America the worst. Negotiated individually with Mexico & Canada to rewrite agreements favoring the American People.  Mexico & Canada said they would not renegotiate–then they came knocking on our door.  Deal complete.

America is a net exporter of Energy.  Remember the idea of American Energy Independence.  We’re not dependent on outside sources any longer.

Aggressively enforcing America’s borders. The Border wall IS being built.  National Guard sent to the southern border. Federal Agents making record deportations and incarcerations of criminal illegal aliens (up 43%).  Rescinded DACA, the blanket amnesty for over 2 million illegal aliens.

Aggressively negotiating PEACE.  Formally ends America’s Korean War.  Brokering peace deal between North & South Korea.  Ceasefire negotiated with Russia, in Syria.

United States kicks ISIS ass.  Retakes most of the territory ISIS gained (territory gained using Obama/Hillary funding and U.S. weapons) throughout Middle East

Heath Care:  Passes the RIGHT TO TRY bill that allows experimental treatments for terminally ill patients.  Rescinded the forced mandate (penalties) of Obama-care.  Working on allowing competition from outside state lines which will bring health care prices down for ALL Americans.  V.A. Choice program lets veterans go to private doctors instead of ‘waiting to die’.

And most importantly, President Trump is speaking about National Sovereignty and the Rule of Law at every major international gathering.  The President is letting the world know that the American People govern the United States NOT Global Institutions.  As evidenced by President Trump’s speech to the United Nations on Sept 25, 2018 excerpt below:     Full Speech Transcript Here      Full Video of Speech Here

We believe that when nations respect the rights of their neighbors and defend the interests of their people, they can better work together to secure the blessings of safety, prosperity, and peace. Each of us here today is the emissary of a distinct culture, a rich history, and a people bound together by ties of memory, tradition, and the values that make our homelands like nowhere else on Earth. That is why America will always choose independence and cooperation over global governance, control, and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs, and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live or work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.

I am exhausted from winning.  Winning requires constant diligence and high energy.  Let’s keep winning in the upcoming mid-term elections in November and in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Judge President Trump on the Fruit of His Tree not the hype and misinformation of the media. Think about how our country would look with the other side in Power.

Let’s Make America Great Again!