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Economy / Financial Archives - The Animating Contest of Freedom

How US Government Funds Secret ILLEGAL Programs

image:                 By:  Nick Russo      January 29, 2016 Johnny Depp was recently in a movie called “Black Mass”.  In this film, Depp plays a real life character named “Whitey Bulger”.  Whitey Bulger was one of the biggest crime bosses on the East coast of the United…

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Globalism And The Economy: We Have Been Captured

Image: Oxfam International           By:  Nick Russo     January 21, 2016   THEY ARE COMING FOR IT ALL!! The answer to the economic crisis of 2008 was to have the central banks of the world engage in an unprecedented coordinated plan of global monetary stimulus.  Monetary stimulus means printing money-literally out…

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A Warning From The John Birch Society From 1958

                By: Nick Russo       December 17, 2015 The John Birch Society was formed by Robert Welch in 1958 to make Americans aware of the true enemies of our nation. According to the organizations website, this is what the group is all about: We are concerned Americans. Since…

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Sovereign Debt Default: The Free Market Answer

              By:  Nick Russo     November 1, 2015 Perpetual Debt Slavery Is Not A Solution To Our Debt Problems   The Problem:  Creating Money-Out Of Nothing-Through Debt   The Solution:  Reduction of Debt Through Sovereign Insolvency and Bank Lending Reform The United States of America has a long developed body…

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George Soros & Islamist Leaders Generals in War on Civilization

Image: Tal Cohen (Pin It)               By:  Nick Russo      November 3, 2015 There is a global clash of civilizations currently taking place.  A war between Freedom and Individual Rights and Authoritarian control. An attempt is being made to destroy Western civilization and culture based predominantly on Renaissance values,…

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This Is What Our Politicians Should Sound Like

Image:             By:  Nick Russo       November 1, 2015 Republican controlled Congress approves budget with increased spending and more national debt. Republican controlled Congress approves budget which increases spending by $80 billion and eliminates the previously negotiated debt limits set through March 2017.  Without passage of this budget, on…

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A Bug’s Life: It Is About Totalitarian Control

          By:  Nick Russo       October 18, 2015 Here is a clip from a very entertaining children’s movie called A Bugs Life.   In the film, grasshoppers are the elite group in the bug’s society who are at the head of a Totalitarian system of control. The clip below illustrates the…

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A Warning From 1957 Signaling Your Society Is Collapsing

By:  Nick Russo             Sept 24, 2015 Art is one way past generations communicate with future generations.  Often times, the communications are warnings of what aware artists see coming down the road.  The artist’s compassion compels them to warn people in the future. The need to make people aware becomes the motivation for the art…

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E.U. Style Regional Government = Loss of National Sovereignty

                By:  Nick Russo      September 16, 2015 As documented on this website, the main strategic operating plan of the Globalists is to create a specific psychological environment in which existing citizens of nation-states become highly motivated to give up their national sovereignty and vote to bring their…

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How The Elite Control The “Free Press”

image:             By:  Nick Russo      August 1, 2015 An amazing article from Zero Hedge entitled: Did Janet Yellen Just Ban A Reporter From The Fed Press Conference For Asking “Difficult” Questions illustrates just how “Freedom of the Press” works in the real world.  In reality, especially in matters…

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