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George Soros Tax Scam: Calling For Higher Taxes On The "Rich" - The Animating Contest of Freedom

George Soros Tax Scam: Calling For Higher Taxes On The “Rich”

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By: Nick Russo    May 1, 2015

George Soros is a multibillionaire who is always calling for the raising of taxes on what he calls the “rich”.   The only problem is he doesn’t pay his taxes.

An article by Emily Stewart published at  shows a perfect example of how Mr. Soros speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Here is Soros calling for higher taxes and then not paying his taxes:

“In December 2012, Soros joined a group of more than 20 wealthy individuals, including Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, that issued a joint statement asking Congress to lower the U.S. estate tax’s per-person exemption to $2 million from $5.12 million and raise the top rate to more than 45%.”
“Bloomberg reports that from October 2008 through the end of 2013, Quantum Ireland paid taxes of $962 on $3,851 of net income. It allocated $7.2 billion of operating income to investors as distributions on profit participation notes, most of which were held by Soros’ tax-exempt Open Society foundations.

So let’s do some math:

Profits to mainly himself:  $7,200,000,000

Claimed Net Income: $3,851

Paid taxes of:  $962

That’s a pretty good tax bracket if your a billionaire.  $962 paid on $7.2 billion in income.

The elite are always calling for higher taxes on everyone while they remain exempt from the consequences.  They want the masses to pay the bills of the country-never themselves.  They also fundamentally understand that the power to tax is the power to destroy and control.  Through the tax policy they can weaken all other businesses and individuals until finally the overwhelming majority of citizens become dependent on the government for survival.  This is the endgame.  Total dependency and total control of the citizenry. This is why the elite are always funding and supporting socialist/communist agendas (i.e. The Open Society Institute) and promoting policies which destroy individual wealth (like trade deals which ship our jobs overseas).  It doesn’t make sense at first glance.  Why would the super-rich want to promote collectivism which is founded on no individual property, no individual liberty, and heavy redistribution of wealth?

The answer is because the elite will be exempt from all the collectivist policies just like they are exempt from any “inconvenient” policies now.  The elite want the general population to be under the control of a socialistic/communistic system which the elite will control from above.  All the while, the elite will be the oligarchs “supplying” all the goods and services- at a profit of course.

This transformation will be achieved by “breaking” our economy, creating poverty and dependency, and then building a new system on its ashes.  They want us all dependent and controlled in order to achieve their goal.

According to our United States legal system, there should be an Equal Application of the Law.  All people, including the super wealthy elite, are subject to the same laws and the same consequences.

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