America’s Fate Is In The Hands of Its People

A quote from Thomas Jefferson
Speak Now to prevent a sad future







By:  Nick Russo      June 14, 2017

Do you see the conflict being created?  Here’s the overall picture:

Group Freedom:  A group of People who believe in foundational American principles like Individual Freedom, the Right to Your Life/Health, a Limited government which dictates to You the least amount possible, the Right to Protect yourself, etc.  Generally speaking, aware principles revolving around the God-given Rights of Every Person on Earth.  True Spiritual Freedom.

Group Control:  A group of People who believe there should be more Power concentrated into fewer and fewer hands, larger government dictating to You more and more, Every natural human behavior Managed, more Control over Individuals lives, etc.  Generally speaking an unaware, dangerously Unconscious belief system so spiritually limited that it believes the only way It can Gain is for You to Lose.  This group fundamentally believes that exercising Power over You is justified to attain Its enlightened Vision of the future.  True Spiritual Slavery.

Group Control is growing by gaining influence over the Unconscious primarily through Media manipulation of Emotions. As it grows, Group Control is being steered directly INTO Group Freedom.  Now, it is extremely important to understand that The Directors of this intentional collision KNOW that the explosion generated will probably destroy America.  That is their intention.  They Want Conflict to happen.  Conflict is the Means to the Authoritarianism.  These Directors have tried for decades to Transform America into what they wanted and now they see that a significant number of US will Not be Complying.  If they can’t change America into their Vision; their End-game IS to Destroy our Nation-state and Rebuild that Vision on our ashes.  They will attempt to steer a violent, intolerant, emotionally-controlled and knowledge-starved mass literally Into any obstacle standing in their way.  Their Vision is a border-less, regionally controlled, global system of governance.  Of course, Un-elected Bureaucrats exercising Control and Taxation over Individuals is How we get to Peace on Earth and Paradise.

America is considered outdated.  One of the last refuges for the antiquated Idea that All People were created Equal, that the Freedom of All should be maximized, that we should All be judged on the content of our character, our deeds, and nothing else– this Idea -is slated for destruction.  The deceived believe this will bring heaven on earth, but it will bring nothing but a Dark Age.

Group A is selling Liberty and Group B is selling Control.  Both groups are growing in numbers. An information war is happening right now. We are in a race to get enough People to understand the principles of Liberty and Sovereignty so that Conflict does Not happen.

If YOU do not start doing something now, Conflict is the most likely scenario.  Either Group Control will keep exercising Power over a silent Group Freedom-thereby, gaining full authoritarian control over the nation-or Group Freedom will eventually say NO to their God-given Rights being violated and will be forced to physically resist. Both scenarios can achieve authoritarianism.

If we do nothing, Conflict happens.

To prevent immense cost to Everyone, We All must start arguing the case for Freedom and Liberty with the people around us-which can be uncomfortable.  This means we must think through our arguments and be able to explain them in rational, peaceful language.  It’s not hard, but it takes some time and some commitment to achieve.  It’s worth it, isn’t it?

Reach out and make the case as best as possible for Freedom because We All have too much too lose.


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  1. I figure that you could be trying to avoid upsetting anyone with your subject, but please understand that the unpopular opinions can start a good debate when approached respectfully..and it IS your site after all, let your voice be King here!|

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