Yes A Globalist Cabal Is Spying On Everyone Including The President

A knotted rope
This WILL end badly for Enemies of our Republic

By:  Nick Russo     March 8, 2017

This is what happens when Globalists steal hundreds of billions of dollars from United States tax payers in the form of “black budget programs”.  Then use these underground programs to build a system of Full Spectrum Information Dominance.  Then give the Power which is derived from having access to ALL private information to a small Cabal which uses the Power to gain tremendous financial and political Control over the rest of Humanity.

Globalists have used the treasure and ingenuity of the American People to build their System of Total Information Awareness and have been using this Tool against the United States of America and the rest of the world.  They have used this Tool to neutralize their enemies who have tried to speak out against it for Decades.  Now the Total Information Awareness Program  and its agencies like NSA, CIA, DIA, etc.  have been and currently are being used against The President of the United States of America due to the fact that he has vowed to destroy Globalism and its Agencies.

Yes, the President of the United States was spied on when he was a candidate and after he was elected President.  This a HUGE SCANDAL because just like Nixon using a physical break-in of the Watergate Hotel to gain an advantage in an Election; this is a Digital Break-In for the purposes of gaining advantage during the 2016 Election.  Furthermore, the informational advantage gained from the Digital Break-In is being used to Sabotage the President in his Official Capacity to act as the freely Elected Executive of Our Nation–which is an Act of Treason.

Look at these headlines just from 2015 illustrating how Electronic Intrusion is a common tool Globalists use to manipulate situations:

The Guardian  June 2015:  Obama calls Hollande to promise NSA is no longer spying on French president

CNN  July 2015: Obama Administration Spied On German Media and Its Government

Financial Tribune August 2015:   Obama Apologizes to Japan Over Spying Claims

Washington Times  Dec 2015:  Obama had NSA spy on Israel during Iran nuclear deal negotiations

This Frankenstein was built to be used against its creator.  The United States of America as a Free, Sovereign Nation is the largest obstacle to Globalists wishing to build a Global Governing System-especially with a President vowed to destroy them.  Globalism has been and continues to wage war against the United States due to this fact.