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Why Is The Government Lying About GeoEngineering - The Animating Contest of Freedom

Why Is The Government Lying About GeoEngineering

The afternoon sky
Contrails From Jets
Geoengineering at work
Contrails Creating Clouds










By:  Nick Russo       March 20, 2017 has documented sufficiently that there is an International Program of Geo-Engineering going on.  Many of the contrails you see in the sky contain Particulates which are being used to manipulate OUR Environment.  Please refresh yourself of these two key articles demonstrating that WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO for a very long time AND that there are Health Effects associated with the materials being sprayed ON HUMAN BEINGS.

Article 1:  Geo-Engineering IS Experimentation On Climate And People  This article establishes the International Program and demonstrates how long this experimentation on climate and people has been going on.

Article 2:  The Geo-Engineering Deception   This article demonstrates the blatant lies and misinformation regarding Geo-Engineering spewed by the Government and the Media.

And in the video below you will hear the CIA DIRECTOR speaking at the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS telling you about this “New Technology” that interests him called Geo-Engineering and STRATOSPHERIC AEROSOL INJECTION.  The Truth is out, so the ‘officials’ are scrambling to introduce the Concepts of Geo-Engineering to the Public.

This is an example of Control of Information.  They will control when, where, and how this information gets out.  And by controlling the information, they will Manage you. If you believe (as most of the Public will) that this is ‘new technology’ and/or new Programs; then you are being kept, informationally, at a child-like level and will be managed by those who wish to Control everything.

If it was not Servants of the People (government officials) treating us like we are ignorant animals, it would be laughable–But, it’s our government.  We are being sprayed.