Syria-Brilliant Move OR Complete Betrayal

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If Islamic Terrorists gain control over Syria, it gives them a land bridge into Europe through Turkey










By:  Nick Russo        April 9, 2017


It was said many times on this site that when Trump got elected the war had just begun-see here, and here We did not gain victory by somehow managing to defeat the Establishment, the media, and the Globalists and getting Trump into the Presidency.   By electing Trump President, all we did was openly declare war on the Globalists.  All we gained by electing our President was a seat at the table.  We now must execute the campaign to defeat our Enemy.

In war there are many battles.  Some battles are lost.  Some battles are won.  Oftentimes, many battles are fought simultaneously. To win the overall war one must win the decisive battles and drive the Enemy into capitulating.   We are fighting several battles simultaneously in this War on Globalism.  No one ever said it would be easy.  Electing a President is not enough to make our Enemies just lay down and give up the gains they’ve attained in the last several decades.  We the People must apply pressure to  ensure the Will of the People is being executed.

President Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airbase seems to be a violation of his stated goals of ‘keeping us out of foreign entanglements’.   These missile attacks may be a breaking of promises OR they may be a very risky, but sophisticated part of a long term plan to achieve the defeat of Globalism.  Because we are analyzing these events in real time, we simply do not know yet.   We must observe how these events play out a little further before we make the judgement.

Let’s look at the facts:

Clearly Trump was vehemently opposed to attacking Syria at one time as evidenced by his tweeted opinions below:

We should stay the hell out of Syria, the “rebels” are just as bad as the current regime. WHAT WILL WE GET FOR OUR LIVES AND $ BILLIONS?ZERO

What will we get for bombing Syria besides more debt and a possible long term conflict? Obama needs Congressional approval.

President Obama, do not attack Syria. There is no upside and tremendous downside. Save your “powder” for another (and more important) day!


Rand Paul is a purest on the Constitution and he speaks the Truth when he states, “Atrocity is NOT an excuse to disobey the Constitution”.  Senator Paul and Judge Jeanine Pirro articulate both sides of the debate in the following video from Fox News.


So, who is correct and who is wrong in this argument over whether the United States of America was justified in bombing one airbase in Syria?

Remember-We the People elected the President to place America back on the correct Constitutional path and to put ‘America First’. 

(Cons)-Against the military action:

If the President ordered this attack with the intent to get America into yet another foreign war he is doing the work of the Globalists-our Enemy.

If the President ordered this attack to get American troops fully on the ground with a goal of changing the government in Syria, he is also very wrong for doing so.

If the President engaged in this behavior for the purposes of managing our relationship with Russia he is wrong.  Russia is craving a closer relationship to the U.S. in order to stave off the Globalists which have been attacking Russia for decades.  Diplomacy would be dramatically better in this endeavor.

If the President is unduly influenced by the Establishment military generals surrounding him in Washington and is being pushed or pressured into war, he is violating his promises to the People.

(Pros)-For the military action:

If he ordered the attack to be a one-time, limited statement to the world to never engage in crimes against humanity or the United States military will pay you a visit; then, he is protecting the United States long term security interests.  The President is authorized to engage in very limited emergency actions within very limited amounts of time, but then must report to Congress in order to get approval to move forward.

If the President ordered the attack in order to get troops on the ground for the sole purpose of defeating Islamic Terrorism-NOT regime change.  He is keeping his promise.  Remember, the largest concentration of Islamic Terrorist fighters in the world is currently in Syria.  If you want to defeat the Islamic Terror Movement you probably have to go where they are.

If the President engaged in the attack on the Syrian airbase with the long term goal of Partnering with Russia in the region to finally fully defeat the Islamic Terror Army, then he is keeping a promise to Defeat Terrorism.  He would also be delivering a shocking blow to Globalism with this effort.  The priority of Globalism has been to isolate Russia and drive the U.S. away from partnering with the former communist country.  Were Russia and the U.S. to ally and resist Globalism it would lead to Victory over the Globalist plan of worldwide authoritarianism for the world.  This would be a giant fulfillment of a promise of “Americanism Not Globalism” as our governing principle.   A closer relationship between the United States and Russia would also put a check on China who really has been acting aggressively all over the globe (i.e. building artificial islands in the South China Sea in order to disrupt international shipping lanes).

So as you can see, we will only be able to judge this military action after the events develop a little further.   This could be very bad or it could be very good. 


All of the above are valid arguments on both sides of the issue.  We have an uncertain outcome which has not manifested itself yet.  If the ‘cons’ were the motivation, then this is a broken promise and a big strike against Trump.  If the ‘pros’ were the motivation behind the action, then it is a well designed, long-game plan executed with military precision.

If this turns out to be a ‘strike’ against Trump, we must honestly ask ourselves if this is sufficient enough reason to abandon support for the President.  In order to honestly evaluate this decision, we must put this ‘strike against’ into the proper perspective and compare it with the ‘positive actions’ taken by Trump.   Some of the positives are:  getting the U.S. out of T.P.P, moving forward with securing the nations borders, the ongoing effort of severely reducing regulations to small businesses, influencing major reinvestment into factories and jobs for the American People, appointing a Constitutional Originalist to the Supreme Court, the continued effort to go after the criminals and pedophiles inside the Washington Establishment, etc.  Each of us must evaluate and come to our conclusion individually.


We are at a quickening point on the timeline of Humanity where events are moving very rapidly and the effects of these events are dramatic-both good and evil.  It is our duty to try and ‘push’ these outcomes in the ‘good’ direction in any way we can.  Any effort-no matter how small-exerted with the honest intention to bring real Peace and Prosperity to the world is effort worth expending.  It doesn’t have to cost money (i.e. wearing a T-shirt, speaking our opinion in public, volunteering time, sending links with information).  Anything.

There are no middle of the road results from the Trump experiment in restoring the Republic.   This experiment will either end with Globalism dominating the globe and the Idea of America forever lost on Earth.  Or, it will be the beginning of an optimistic time for America and a rebirth of our Republic.  To be determined.

We are in the Fight of our Lives for our Nation and the future of our Posterity.  Each one of us must ask ourselves, Which side are we on? and What effort are we expending to influence the outcome?  We can win if we all do something.  We may not win every battle, but we will win the War.

We are not dedicated to ANY personality.  We are dedicated to the Constitution of the United States of America.  Any person who supports and promotes the Constitution is to be celebrated.   Any person who undermines or weakens the Constitution is to be Condemned.  This IS the Animating Contest of Freedom-Are you participating?