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By:  Nick Russo       November 10, 2016

We have now reached the point in history where more people (60,274,974) are willing to vote for a blatant criminal than are willing (59,937,338) to vote for an individual who holds traditional American values .  How did we get to this point?

The United States has been under calculated attack for many decades.  Our adversary is a group which believes in a global governing system.

These Globalists are in the business of creating the types of individuals which are willing to vote for criminals even after being shown proof of their criminality.  The Globalists create these individuals mainly through the psychological manipulation of the Educational System and the Media.

The Globalists are playing chess not checkers.  They do not go out and physically do what they want to be done in the world.  This direct technique is too easily recognized by the people who are being victimized.

The Globalists’ main technique is to create the necessary environments which achieve their goals over the long term. In this case, their goal is to destroy the nation-state of America.  Their method is Destruction through Transformation.  For example:  Pay the individuals you’ve created to agitate the police, to elicit the violent reaction in the police, to create the crisis of social breakdown, to get the People to ask for help, to justify the sending of the federal/international forces to ‘police the situation’, All in order to implement full tyranny and destroy America.

Globalism is at war with America.

And this is what 21st century warfare looks like.

Tyranny By Majority:

Globalists create, then control large portions of the populations within nation-states which have been targeted for attack.  The population is controlled through the mass implantation of specific ideas into the populations’ psyche, then these ideas are triggered along with their associated emotions in order to elicit predetermined behavioral reactions which create the environment needed to achieve a predetermined goal.   All advertising is based on these methods.  For a detailed analysis of this science see, Propaganda (1928) by Edward Bernays (the nephew of Sigmund Freud).

While Globalist generals (i.e. George Soros) are rapidly creating controlled populations, their lieutenants are doing other dirty work.

Tyranny By Government:

People like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, George Bush and all the names your recently heard in the email scandal are highly trained soldiers in a war to destroy our nation.  These soldiers’ weapons are issuing executive orders and, along with their Congressional cohorts, getting legislation passed designed to violate the Constitution while fundamentally transforming our nation.  The purposeful violation is designed to denigrate and devalue our founding principles.  If you don’t value something, you won’t fight for it.

The attack is coming from above and below.  Tyranny by government or Tyranny by majority is still Tyranny.  We are frightfully close to an environment where the majority population may desire to infringe upon one or more of the minority populations’ fundamental Rights; while having in place a government which will allow, and even encourage, the infringement.  This necessary environment has been created by Globalists.

Our Republic was designed with a multi-level security system of checks and balances on Power: the three levels of federal government, the individual States, and the People.  For a detailed analysis of these checks and balances see this article.

We must be confident in exercising Any and/or All of the balances in order to restrain Power from infringements on fundamental Rights.  We have made progress by getting Donald Trump elected.  However, all that we’ve really done is to finally identify our Enemy.

We have to stay focused and keep the pressure on.  It’s time for the Globalists to now understand that America is at war with Them.

The real fight has just begun! (and they will counter-attack).

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