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How The War On Human Reproduction Works: A Case Study - The Animating Contest of Freedom

How The War On Human Reproduction Works: A Case Study

A monument with stone pillars
This monument advocates a maximum global population of 500 Million. Click to read population reduction quotes by the Globalist leaders of the world
This Georgia Monument advocates a maximum global population of 500 Million. Click HERE to read population reduction quotes by the Globalist leaders of the world
This book written by the current White House Science Czar advocates putting sterilants and other additives in food and water to achieve lower global population. Click HERE to see for yourself
This book written by the current White House Science Czar advocates putting sterilants and other additives in food and water to achieve lower global population. Click HERE to see for yourself












By:  Nick Russo       August 22, 2016


If you are not prepared to focus, slowly digest, and understand what the words in this article are saying; please stop reading NOW and return to this article later.  This is important!

You must want to understand the world around you and the information which is being presented to you.  The information contained here is not a joke or for entertainment.  The information contained here lays out the Elites’ plan for Humanity and is a description of several different Globalist policies which are being FORCED on us in order to influence the behavior of all Human Beings.

The information in this article gives a real-time, real-life, example of how the Psychology of Human Beings is being admittedly manipulated.  The purpose of this psychological manipulation is to make Human Beings stop or dramatically reduce the amount of offspring they produce.

Muting the divine instinct of human reproduction requires a NON-STOP, MULTI-GENERATIONAL CAMPAIGN to accomplish.

This article describes the well-planned and executed  WAR on HUMAN REPRODUCTION using the tactic of Problem-Reaction-Solution

(false) PROBLEM—(induced) REACTION—(predetermined behavior modification) SOLUTION  

(Author’s notes are in parenthesis and italicized)

The original article (link) analyzed here was originally published at by tax-payer funded National Public Radio- a broadcast arm of the United States Government.  The article describes how young people are being taught to NOT reproduce in our educational system (from elementary to PHD).  The educational system has been taken over.

Here is Professor Travis Rieder of John Hopkins’ University creating the PROBLEM in the minds of the young people in his college.  (Problem = Global Warming & Too Many of Us)

By midcentury, possibly before, the average global temperature is projected to rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius, the point scientists and world leaders agree would trigger cataclysmic consequences. Last year’s historic Paris climate agreement falls short of preventing that, so more drastic cuts in carbon emissions are needed.

Adding to that challenge, the world is expected to add several billion people in the next few decades, each one producing more emissions.


Now, most of you do not recall that in 2009 hacked emails were leaked which PROVE that a global-network of scientists (working directly for the United Nations working groups on climate) intentionally doctored their temperature results and lied regarding their findings.  The article below collates and centralizes much of the relevant proof of this claim including the ACTUAL EMAILS:  Therefore, the “Problem” is a LIE!

Climate-Gate For Dummies:Fully Documented Evidence



Example of this professor creating the predetermined REACTION by hammering FEAR over climate change into young people’s minds at John Hopkins’ University:  (Reaction = Fear about self-preservation and the lives of their children)

For years, people have lamented how bad things might get “for our grandchildren,” but Rieder tells the students that future isn’t so far off anymore.

He asks how old they will be in 2036, and, if they are thinking of having kids, how old their kids will be.

“Dangerous climate change is going to be happening by then,” he says. “Very, very soon.”


Here is an example of how the FEAR is placed in the mind from an early age and is stoked later in life:


And yet, when she imagines raising a child, Ferorelli says she can’t help but envision the nightmare scenarios that have dogged her since she first heard the term “global warming” in elementary school.



Here is the John Hopkins’ Professor providing the predetermined SOLUTION (the Behavior wanted by the ruling elite) of NOT HAVING CHILDREN:  (Solution = stop having children and influence others to do the same)

Here’s a provocative thought: Maybe we should protect our kids by not having them,  Rieder says.

“The climate crisis is a reproductive crisis“, Rieder says. (the motto of the deception)

67-year-old Nancy Nolan tells two younger women that people didn’t know about climate change in the 1980s when she had her kids. Once her children were grown, “I said to them, ‘I hope you never have children,’ which is an awful thing to say,” Nolan says, her voice wavering.  (Mothers telling their children NOT to have children.  Is there anything more anti-Life?)

Bringing down global fertility by just half a child per woman “could be the thing that saves us,” the Professor says.  (In order to produce the statistical reduction of 1/2 a child/woman spread over the roughly 3.5 Billion women on the planet; dramatic reductions in birth rates must be achieved in specific areas of the world due to the fact that within some areas of the world birth rates will not be reduced–In other words, some people are going to be hit harder than others with the birth reduction technologies)

He cites a study from 2010…It found that slowing population growth could eliminate one-fifth to one-quarter of all the carbon emissions that need to be cut by midcentury..

With all that’s at stake, he says, we need to shift our cultural attitudes. It’s not the childless who must justify their lifestyle. It’s the rest of us.”



The METHODS by which the global elite will reduce human population: (you will not vote on these)

So how do you persuade millions or billions of people around the world to sacrifice that? To avert climate disaster, the fertility rate would have to fall much faster than it has been. It would require more than educating women and expanding access to contraception, as aid agencies have been doing for decades.

Rieder says poor nations get some slack because they’re still developing, and because their per capita emissions are a sliver of the developed world’s.

He suggests things like paying poor women to refill their birth control and — something that’s had proven success — widespread media campaigns.  (Authors note: Oh, he probably just means transparent, straight-forward advertisements about birth control, nothing subversive and hidden)

(Or, maybe not)

In the 1970s and ’80s, a wave of ‘educational’ soap operas in Latin America, Asia and Africa wove family planning into their plot lines.  The shows are credited with actually changing people’s opinions about family size.

Authors note: (Since the 70’s & 80’s, Admitted behavior manipulation induced by a repetition of implanted ideas within main-stream popular culture TV shows and broadcasted over media)  Aka: purposeful behavioral manipulation through media.  Have you ever heard of ‘educational soap operas’?  Me neither-That is because you were not aware that you were being EDUCATED when you watched soap operas or other TV shows!  Don’t worry Guys, you were not left out–the same ‘education’ is implanted into sports broadcasts, male-oriented T.V. shows, etc., etc… The television is a RE-EDUCATION DEVICE.)

Rieder proposes that richer nations do away with tax breaks for having children and actually penalize new parents. He says the penalty should be progressive, based on income, and could increase with each additional child.

Think of it like a carbon tax, on kids.



Redistributing of Global Populations achieves the breaking down of existing cultures so societies can be RECONSTRUCTED.

And here is the newest informational war campaign that uses The Globalists’ old  ‘problem’  of TOO MANY OF US and connects it to The Globalist plans of REDISTRIBUTING THE DISENFRANCHISED POPULATIONS OF THE WORLD INTO THE DEVELOPED NATIONS WHICH HAVE BEEN DECIMATED FROM LOWERED BIRTH RATES-(Just as you see today, with refugees being intentionally allowed to enter the Western Nations by the millions)

Rieder has no illusions. In fact, he says, some countries that have successfully reduced fertility rates have since reversed course, afraid that falling population will hurt their economies. He has an answer — just as controversial — to that, too. He would have nations open up immigration to allow in the expected tens of millions of climate refugees.

Scientists have proposed incredibly risky schemes to geoengineer the clouds and oceans.  Some have even called for overhauling the global system of free-market capitalism. (A casual mention of programs which supposedly DO NOT EXIST-another Information War tactic.)

Rieder says, bringing down the fertility rate seems downright easy.

The situation is bleak, it’s just dark,” he says. “Population engineering, maybe it’s an extreme move. But it gives us a chance.



As you can see, the goal is to dramatically decrease the birth rate of the commoners-the 90% of Humanity which the Elite has determined are NOT NEEDED any longer.  In addition to the methods mentioned by the Professor and this article, many more methods ARE simultaneously being used to achieve the same result.  Methods such as chemical, pharmacological, vaccination, and food manipulation technologies, all are achieving lower population through the poisoning and the manipulating of our fertility and the entire environment.

The Elite previously needed the 90% to work in the factories, build their products, and administer the services they desired.  This brutal Elite, with no compassion in Its heart, now believes it does not need US anymore.  Through modern technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, etc. they believe they do not need the rest of us.  Through literally poisoning us (see Cancer, Autism rates, etc) and through other birth-rate reduction methods, this same Elite believes it will be able to eliminate the rest of US while they inherit the Earth.  All within the next few decades.


DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS DEMONSTRATED FACT?  or will you let this small group perpetrate anything it wants against you, your family, and the rest of Humanity? 

We will receive what we deserve. 

Take action now to ensure we deserve blessings not curses.


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