Globalists Caught AGAIN Trying To Force U.S. And Russia Into War

The above video documents Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin literally begging the West to stop pushing for war.  He details how its being done with the media through Information and Psychological Warfare tactics.  You might want to take a listen.

Who is the Aggressor? Who is antagonizing for war?  The U.S. is surrounding Russia with weapons.








By:   Nick Russo        January 3, 2017

On December 14, 2016, this site posted an article with the title: Globalists Attacking The U.S. and Russia In 21st Century Warfare.

In this article, the argument was logically laid out demonstrating that Globalists are promoting conflict between Russia and the United States.  This conflict is being forced upon the Peoples of these two nation-states for a good reason.  The Globalist fear that their global governance system is now in jeopardy due to the fact that both Russia (via Putin) and the United States (via Trump) have stated that Nationalism, NOT Globalism, is the preferred path to be followed.  Because of their nationalistic stances and their shunning of Globalism, these two high-profile and influential nation-states have been targeted by the Internationalists to be brought to war with each other.  Conflict between the United States and Russia is a Strategic Goal of the Globalists in order to weaken/destroy the two largest and influential opponents of Globalism.

In the above mentioned article, it was also demonstrated that even with lack of definitive evidence and multiple intelligence agencies stating that the claim is unsupported, the claim of Russia hacking the U.S. election is being broadcast 24/7 over every news channel in the western world. 

Since the publishing of that article on this site, the United States expelled 35 Russian diplomats out of the country in an aggressive campaign of embarrassment and war-mongering against Russia.  See Here.

Well, the globalists are blatantly at it again.  Just two days ago, the Washington Post published an article citing “anonymous U.S. government sources” and making the claim that Russia had hacked into a Vermont power company’s infrastructure with the goal of shutting down America’s east coast electric grid–an Act of War.

However, the Washington Post had to issue a rare retraction of the article due to a small detail-It Wasn’t True!-See Here.

A real journalist from, actually did some research and revealed that the Washington Post published the story it got from “anonymous government sources” with out even contacting the electric power company who supposedly got hacked.  It turns out that the electric company completely denied the hacking story and it also turns out that their is NO EVIDENCE indicating that either the power grid was hacked OR that Russia was involved in any way.

So here we are again.  Another western media outlet has been CAUGHT spreading rumors designed to create conflict between the U.S. and Russia. 

But it gets worse.  Now, in an aggressive action, the United States has moved Army Special Forces troops along NATO countries bordering Russia. An article titled: Obama Sends Special Forces To Russian Border details the troop movements.

The US special forces arrived to Lithuania amid ongoing NATO preparations for the stationing of 4,000 alliance troops in Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, a decision made at the NATO summit in Warsaw.


The reason given for the troop build up on Russia’s border:  “to protect against Putin’s aggressive regime”.

So, now it’s up to the People.  Will we be manipulated into war with Russia.  OR will the two largest nation-state opponents of the Global System being built up around us join together in an alliance to RESIST the destruction of National Sovereignty and independent nations. 

The American People and People of the West are being targeted with Psychological Warfare in order to rally the People to war with the “boogeyman” known as Russia.


Examples of the Psychological Manipulation are:

Unsupported claims of Russia hacking U.S. elections broadcast 24/7 over western media outlets.

Expelling of Russian diplomats due to unsupported claims of Russian hacking.

Unsupported claims of Russia hacking the U.S. electric grid published all over Western media outlets.  These claims being so False the originating media outlet had to retract the story.

And now, the Obama administration moving U.S. Special Forces troops along Russia’s border. 

Now I ask you the reader, who is acting aggressively?  Who is encouraging war?

The United States government is currently controlled by Globalist agents who want to weaken their two largest opponents by creating Conflict between Russia and the Unites States.  We are documenting it happen before your eyes right here on this site.

Will the People resist the manipulation?





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