There is a hidden agenda being promoted that uses as its camouflage the chaos in the world. Hidden in the turmoil is the agenda of Globalism which seeks to minimize Individual Freedom while maximizing Control of every aspect of human life.

The defeat of this agenda is the Focus of this site. We Can defeat the globalists by not focusing on race, religion, class, ethnicity, political party or anything else which divides us as human beings. These are the strings pulled by puppet masters. These are the tools used to divide and conquer Humanity while a small cabal achieve their multi-generational progression towards ending Individual Freedom.

We must come together and point the finger at our True Enemies. When Individual Freedom is lost, everyone is conquered. Respect and appreciate our cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity; but Stay Focused on Resisting those who seek to use our greatest strength -Diversity- against the Human family.

Individual Freedom is the key to Humanity's continued progression and the greatest Gift bestowed upon us. It is our Duty to preserve Individual Freedom on Earth and to secure its existence for future generations.