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Intelligence Agencies Use Psychological Operations to Achieve North American Union

    Army Psychological Operations Official Patch and Motto             By:  Nick Russo       TheAnimatingContest.com    January 31, 2015 There is currently a Psychological Operation being implemented ON the American Public BY Intelligence Agencies with the stated objective of manipulating the public into seeing a perceived benefit in relinquishing the National Sovereignty…

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The Gruber Example: How The American People Can Beat The Criminals

By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com      December 9, 2014   On December 9, 2014, Jonathan Gruber testified in front of a Congressional Oversight Committee in the House of Representatives.  These Congressional Hearings are very insightful. Congressional Hearings are great examples of both how the criminal element is allowed to continue its influence within the government without any…

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President Obama is a Liar!!

           by:   Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com     November 20, 2014 All politicians lie.  They will tell us anything to get into power.  After gaining power, they will do the reverse of what they told us because NO ONE DOES ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Enjoy your new country.  The old one is gone. On the…

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CIA says: ‘Smart’ Appliances Are Spying on You

       by:  Nick Russo    TheAnimatingContest.com     November 6, 2014 There has recently been a big buzz regarding Samsung’s newest “smart TV” and its ability to listen and record your conversations as well as keep track of everything you watch on it.  These new “smart features” and, subsequent, data collection are clearly detailed in Samsung’s…

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Emails Show Feds Teaching Local Police How To Deceive Judges

        by  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com     November 2, 2014 In a Wired Magazine article by Kim Zetter, it is revealed that the U.S. Marshals Service and local police departments throughout the nation “have been deliberately deceiving judges” when applying for search warrants.  U.S. Marshals and local police departments have been using surveillance devices…

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