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Documented Cheating By GOP In Colorado Election - The Animating Contest of Freedom

Documented Cheating By GOP In Colorado Election

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Disenfranchisement of voters is Illegal and Immoral
Disenfranchisement of voters is Illegal and Immoral.  Past Generations sacrificed their Lives and Liberty to fight for the Right to Vote.








By:  Nick Russo        April 11, 2016

Voter Disenfranchisement in Colorado.

What happened at the Colorado Republican State Convention this last weekend?

I, the author of this article, have an above average understanding of the election process in Colorado.  I have participated extensively in the process.  In the past, I have been chosen as a delegate at the County Precinct level and the Congressional District level to represent my congressional district at the Colorado Republican State Convention.  By participating and being chosen as a delegate, my vote represented hundreds of individual voters.  Some individual delegates from larger cities can represent thousands of citizens votes.  To read a detailed description of how the Colorado Caucus process works read the post script at bottom of this article.

So, how did the Colorado State Republican Party apparatus cheat and disenfranchise tens of thousands of voters in the State?

Under normal circumstances, a presidential preference poll or straw poll would normally be taken at every caucus level including the State Convention.  A presidential preference poll is a vote on who the delegates at the convention would support for President.  The vote has always been non-binding, meaning that it was not mandatory that the delegates vote for whoever won the poll. This last Summer, the Republican National Rules Committee changed the rule regarding the presidential preference poll.  The rule was changed to state that IF the State Republican conventions held a presidential preference poll, then the delegates would be bound or obligated to vote for the candidate who won the poll.  Therefore, if the State Convention held a poll, the delegates votes would be obligated to the winner.  The Colorado Republican Party opted to NOT have a preference poll this year at the State Convention.  It was speculated that this rule change came about due to Ron Paul’s great results at the 2012 State Convention.  In 2012, Ron Paul supporters almost took over the State Convention, however, due to the Convention’s Executive Committee inside tricks (to be discussed below) they were able to neutralize the Ron Paul influence on the Convention.

The Executive and Rules Committee’s of the Party make the rules of the convention and have tremendous sway on which delegates actually get to execute a vote.  Delegates can be removed and replaced by the stroke of a pen.  Therefore, if the committees of establishment insiders control the number and composition of the actual delegates who get to vote-they effectively control the vote. Precinct captains at the lower level of the caucus process identify unwanted voters and flag their names for the executive and rules committees so they can be dealt with. When citizens votes are neutralized or effectively uncounted purposefully it is called Voter Disenfranchisement.  Voter disenfranchisement is a violation of the voting laws of our nation which are intended to keep the voting process as untainted and as honest as possible.  Honest elections are a pillar of a Free, Constitutional Republic.

Let’s take a look at actual examples of how these Establishment cronies cheat in elections:



See this video below on an actual delegate who was Removed and Replaced by the committee.  This gentleman is no radical or disruptive agent.  He is your grandfather.  His sin was he was a Trump supporter.

This gentleman’s vote represented thousands of individual voters, therefore, thousands of individual voters were disenfranchised by the Colorado Republican Party.  Documented Cheating!


Example #2:

The Tweet below from the Official Twitter Account of the Colorado Republican Party admits that the establishment Party clique was out to make sure Trump Could Not Possibly Win.  It is the most admitted election bias ever!  Intentional voter disenfranchisement– a violation of the law.  

Proof of CO Republican Party Cheating Trump
Proof of CO Republican Party Cheating Trump








Example #3

Here is an actual ballot at the Republican State Convention where delegate number 379, a Trump supporter, is not listed, but number 378, not a Trump supporter, is listed twice.  Another clear example of voter disenfranchisement. 

GOP Trump Ballot Cheating In Colorado
GOP Trump Ballot Cheating In Colorado






As the American People start waking up and seeing the reality that the Republicans and Democrats are the Oligarchy of Control in our country-both parties are the two wings of the same dragon-it forces the Establishment to act more tyrannical out in the open. Observe how the Tyrants act like Tyrants.  This is their great weakness-they have to act out their beliefs.

Make no mistake, this type of voter disenfranchisement has been happening for decades in this country.  Think of the Jim Crow Laws which disenfranchised black voters in the 50’s and 60’s.  That type of disenfranchising behavior led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Why is it that when hundreds of thousands of voters are disenfranchised today, no one blinks an eye?

As Thomas Jefferson warned us, ” The amount of Tyranny the American People will live with, is the exact amount that the People will put up with.”

How much Tyranny will WE live with before WE stop putting up with it!  

Do something, Do anything, to show that we will not put up with it.  Never again support a candidate from a Party that has admitted to being biased and unfair during elections.  Stop donating to a Party that doesn’t represent its constituents and intentionally disenfranchises voters.  Spread the word about the voting atrocities happening in almost every State.  If you don’t do something, who will.   What is your commitment to future generations.

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  Thomas Jefferson (and me).


Postscript:  How the Colorado Caucus process works:

Here is how the process works from someone who has been on the  “inside” of the Republican Party State Convention.  In Colorado, there is what is known as a Caucus contrasted with most other States which have Primaries.  In Primaries, the voters vote directly for the candidate and delegates are allocated based on the ballot results.  In Caucuses, voters vote on representatives- Delegates -who will go and represent all voters when they vote for a candidate.

In the Caucus system, individual citizens get together at a common local gathering point (the high school, library, etc) and are divided into the county precincts of which they belong.  You must be a registered voter before the caucus takes place.  Once all voters are divided into precinct groups the election begins.  There may be 10 people in the precinct group or 100 people it depends on the size and turnout within the caucus.  Each precinct group has a precinct captain who runs the election within their precinct.  Citizens are asked to raise their hand or otherwise indicate that they wish to be an elected delegate to represent their local precinct.  Sometimes would-be delegates may be asked to communicate a little about their overall political views and philosophy in order that the other voting citizens can make an educated judgment as to who they would like to represent their vote at the next level.   All who wish to be a delegate are then voted on by the precinct group.  The individuals who are elected as delegates at the precinct level then are eligible to vote at the next caucus proceeding.  This small group of delegates is now representing all voters within their county precincts.

The next level of the caucus is for the group of precinct elected delegates to vote on the delegates to send to the State Convention.  The same basic process occurs again.  The small group of precinct delegates votes among themselves to elect an even smaller group of citizens representing their Congressional districts at the State Convention.   These delegates elected and sent to the State Convention now represent all the voters in each of the Congressional districts.  Each State Delegate could represent thousands of voters.

The next and final level of selecting a party candidate is for the elected State Delegates to go to the State Convention.  At the State Convention all the State Convention Delegates get together and vote on an even smaller group to represent ALL VOTERS of the State at the National Party Convention.  These elected National Convention Delegates go to the National Convention and vote on who will be the Candidate for the Party.

A key point to remember is that most of the delegates that get to the State and National Conventions are obligated to vote for a declared candidate.  These delegates are known as Bound Delegates.  They are bound to vote for one particular candidate due to their State Convention rules.  These delegates are bound on the first vote at the National Convention.  If no one gets the required amount of votes on the first ballot then these delegates can vote for anyone.

However, Colorado is one of the few states that has Unbound Delegates.  These delegates can vote for anyone they want on the first ballot of the National Convention.