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Citizens vs Police: Engineered Conflict / Pre-Determined Result - The Animating Contest of Freedom

Citizens vs Police: Engineered Conflict / Pre-Determined Result

divide and conquer












By: Nick Russo       September 11, 2015



We are currently witnessing an attempt to racially divide the United States of America for the purpose of destabilizing society to such a degree that real Crises such as urban rioting will erupt throughout the country.  These crises produce societal breakdown as recently witnessed in Ferguson, MO and Baltimore, MD and produce a predetermined Reaction of citizens calling for the government to “get control of the situation”.  The invitation will be answered with the federal government arriving to militarily control the localities in crisis (Solution) producing a less than desirable environment for anyone that values Liberty.

Here is the HOW in how is this situation is going to manifest itself.  Our national government will gain full control over local and state governments by agitating the two key stakeholders in this drama, namely police officers and minority communities.

The Agitation of Minority Communities:

Under President Obama black unemployment has increased 40% since 2008.   The average black unemployment under President Obama after six years is 14 percent.  The African American population is not doing well under the first African American president.

Everyone knows the long-term, real economic stress weighing on minorities and inner-city poor since 2008 inevitably leads to anger, resentment, and protests.  When people are going through bad economic times they want someone to blame. Subsequently, the media (through repetitive TV messaging of racism) and large tax-free foundations (through millions of dollars of funding to protest groups) are quick to redirect this anger and resentment towards the manufactured ’cause’ of people’s suffering, namely police officers.  Real economic-based anger and resentment which should be directed at policy makers and central banks failed economic programs is co-opted and redirected into a racially based anger targeting police.

Recently, we have all seen the repetitive TV messaging that racism is an epidemic throughout the country. What most of us are not aware of is the influence of large tax-free foundations, funded by billionaires, that are involved in agitating and prolonging the tense situations within urban communities.

Organizations such as the Open Society Foundation created and funded by George Soros financially backed the Ferguson protests including busing out-of-state activist protesters into Ferguson, MO to participate in the violent protest and rioting.  As documented by the Washington Times:

In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.

The financial tether from Mr. Soros to the activist groups gave rise to a combustible protest movement that transformed a one-day criminal event in Missouri into a 24-hour-a-day national cause celebre.

Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign.

Other Soros-funded groups made it their job to remotely monitor and exploit anything related to the incident that they could portray as a conservative misstep, and to develop academic research and editorials to disseminate to the news media to keep the story alive.

Buses of activists from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation — all funded in part by Mr. Soros — descended on Ferguson starting in August and later organized protests and gatherings in the city until late last month.

As the economy has gotten worse over the last couple of years, the media has used actual bad behavior by police and fabricated bad police behavior (i.e.Ferguson, Mo. where someone tried to take the gun of a police officer in a physical struggle and the officer was justified in discharging his weapon) in a media campaign designed to divert the focus of economic suffering away from policy makers and to forge the perception that white cops are literally hunting down and killing minorities.  Cases in point are when the media hypes that a minority citizen has been shot and killed, but leaves out or barely mentions the relevant information of the slain citizen having physically assaulted or otherwise engaged in behavior that resulted in a justified shooting.   The intended result of course is distrust and hate for the police which in turn will lead to REAL attacks on police officers.  Thus, a specific environment is created where citizens will lash out at police.  The purposeful creation of a specific environment within a society which is intended to produce predetermined changes in behavior within such society is called Social Engineering.

The Agitation of Police Departments:

At the same time, the media and police training programs have been in an aggressive campaign to manufacture the perception among police officers that citizens (particularly minorities) hate them and want to kill them. Police departments are actively hiring trained-to-kill combat veterans and giving them “no hesitation” target training which is intended to instill a shoot first mentality in the mind of the officers.  This “no hesitation” training was revealed when shooting targets were procured by police departments across the nation, through a DHS program, with images of pregnant women, senior citizens, and children on the targets to be shot with “no hesitation”.  These policies lead to a Police versus Citizens environment.

When the police are made to feel that they are under attacked it leads to the militarization of police departments. Police departments all over America have been obtaining heavy military equipment and have admitted that it is for use against America citizens.  It is important to understand that the military equipment obtained by police departments will be used against All Citizens, not just minorities.  Thus, a specific environment is created where police feel the need to militarize their equipment and behave militarily in order to “protect themselves from a dangerous Public”.  Consequently, in this Police vs Citizens type environment,  the odds highly increase that some bad officers will lash out at citizens.  Again, the creation of a specific environment within a society for the purpose of creating predetermined changes in behavior within such society is called Social Engineering.

We as a society are allowing police officers to be given aggressive/military training and equipment and allowing them to be psychologically manipulated into believing that citizens as a group want to harm them.  Simultaneously, we are allowing working class and poor minority communities to be psychologically manipulated into believing that all cops are out to harm them.  This is a recipe for disaster, literally.   Inevitably, and individual from one of these groups will fulfill these bad expectations by committing some violent atrocity.  The atrocity will be given 24 hour repetitive media air-time to intentionally agitate the population, the citizens will lash out in reaction towards the police, then the police officers will begin to lash out in an intentionally created violent feed-back loop, resulting in social breakdown.  Once this has been accomplished, the groups that wish to destroy America will have created a racially based internal conflict and will succeed in destroying the nation.

A Call to Police Officers:  You’re honorable institutions are being degraded by bad elements within your departments.  Your organizations’ reputations are being purposefully tarnished through media messaging so that you can be scapegoated as the cause of society’s problems.  You must not accept bad behavior from within your ranks or risk losing credibility within your communities which leads to social breakdown.

A Call to Minority Communities:  You are being manipulated into violently reacting to criminal behavior (perceived or real) within police departments.  Interacting violently towards police officers will only make the good officers respond in kind and leads to the militarization of police, thus creating a literal conflict between citizens and police officers.  This can only result in the destruction of local communities, the destruction of local police infrastructure, and to social breakdown.

The Endgame:

When local police infrastructure is degraded and ceases to keep society functioning within the rule of law this is Social Collapse.

When social collapse occurs it creates the specific environment necessary for the national government to militarily take over local communities, otherwise known as martial law.  The easiest condition where the federal government can try to justify federal take over of States and localities is with the excuse that “society has ceased to function normally” and must, therefore, be militarily controlled and stabilized.

Police: you are being manufactured to be the villain

Minority Communities:  you are being manufactured to be the victim

This manipulation is being done to force a conflict that will ultimately destroy both of you and the only remaining institution intact will be the national government controlling everything through the military.  As our national government has indicated through recent military drills and Freedom of Information documents released, military control of localities will include detainment work camps for citizens as outlined in the National Emergency Centers Act (HR 645) and the Civilian Inmate Labor Program (Army Regulation 210-35).

The National Emergency Centers Act “authorizes” national emergency centers on military installations for the purpose of providing “temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster”.  Social Collapse qualifies as a sufficient emergency or major disaster.  The Act also authorizes the federal government to use the national emergency centers “to meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security”- (one individual).  Therefore, these two programs combined with the National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA, which defines the entire United States as a battlefield and in section 1031 D gives the military the authority to arrest American citizens on U.S. soil, a clear violation of Posse Comitatus, completes the open-ended power given to the national government to detain American citizens within the United States especially during a “crisis” or “national emergency”.

Do you want to live in a country that looks like this?  Stop falling into the divide-and-conquer Conflict Trap and start looking at who is doing the manipulation–Elitist Billionaires and Globalist Technocrats.  We must only resort to peaceful means of protest and non-compliance directed toward the true sources of our social problems or we will provide the enemy with the necessary conditions to defeat us.

We are being manipulated and conquered from within!!


“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

-Abraham Lincoln

“There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with power to endanger the public liberty.”

– John Adams





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