Tyranny’s Trap: The Right Left Paradigm

Image: bengarrison.com                 By: Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com    March 18, 2016   Do the Political Party’s represent you?  Or do they represent the Will of the Establishment? Curly Haugland,  a senior Republican National Committee-person and member of the Republican National Conventions’ Rules Committee stated quite casually that Republican Voters…

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Is Trump An Ally To True Conservatives

              By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com     February 25, 2016 POLITICAL OPINION As a staunch advocate of the Constitution, it was very disappointing to see Rand Paul leave the Presidential race because he is the son of his father, Ron Paul, and was the purest Libertarian/Constitutional candidate.  Ron and Rand Paul…

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A donkey in a superhero outfit

Does The U.S. Electoral Process Reflect The Will Of The People

Image: www.dailykos.com                 By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com      February 18, 2016 Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire by 22 points ( 60% to 38% ).  After receiving 151,584 votes to 95,252 votes or 60% of the vote in New Hampshire, it appears candidate Sanders in actuality lost.  Bernie Sanders leaves…

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Political Party Does Not Matter–Beliefs Matter

THIS IS HOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WIN. By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com      February 4, 2016   Americans used to talk about the ideals which Elbert Guillory speaks of in his video below explaining why he switched to the Republican party. Frankly; most Republicans and Democrats, as they are currently controlled, are just the left and right…

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A signage on a field

A Warning From The John Birch Society From 1958

                By: Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com       December 17, 2015 The John Birch Society was formed by Robert Welch in 1958 to make Americans aware of the true enemies of our nation. According to the organizations website, this is what the group is all about: We are concerned Americans. Since…

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Obama talking and pointing

Arming ISIS is Anti-Muslim NOT Trump

thisisengland.org.uk provided images   By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com      December 7, 2015 You would have thought the world was coming to an end by the reaction of Donald Trump saying that Muslims should not be allowed into the country until their identities can be determined and their backgrounds can be checked.  He has been called a…

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US General Says It Was A Willful Decision To Support ISIS In Syria

image: the milleniumreport.com               By: Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com     November 25, 2015 Lt. General Michael Flynn, the former head of the United States Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), has openly stated that during his tenure and since 2011 the U.S. has been supporting ISIS and other radical Islamic groups. Lt. General…

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People holding signages

George Soros & Islamist Leaders Generals in War on Civilization

Image: Tal Cohen (Pin It)               By:  Nick Russo      TheAnimatingContest.com      November 3, 2015 There is a global clash of civilizations currently taking place.  A war between Freedom and Individual Rights and Authoritarian control. An attempt is being made to destroy Western civilization and culture based predominantly on Renaissance values,…

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This Is What Our Politicians Should Sound Like

Image: zfacts.com             By:  Nick Russo      TheAnimatingContest.com       November 1, 2015 Republican controlled Congress approves budget with increased spending and more national debt. Republican controlled Congress approves budget which increases spending by $80 billion and eliminates the previously negotiated debt limits set through March 2017.  Without passage of this budget, on…

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A Bug’s Life: It Is About Totalitarian Control

          By:  Nick Russo     TheAnimatingContest.com       October 18, 2015 Here is a clip from a very entertaining children’s movie called A Bugs Life.   In the film, grasshoppers are the elite group in the bug’s society who are at the head of a Totalitarian system of control. The clip below illustrates the…

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