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  • Globalism And The Economy: We Have Been Captured

    Image: Oxfam International           By:  Nick Russo     January 21, 2016   THEY ARE COMING FOR IT ALL!! The answer to the economic crisis of 2008 was to have the central banks of the world engage in an unprecedented coordinated plan of global monetary stimulus.  Monetary stimulus means printing money-literally out […]

  • This Is What Our Politicians Should Sound Like

    Image:             By:  Nick Russo       November 1, 2015 Republican controlled Congress approves budget with increased spending and more national debt. Republican controlled Congress approves budget which increases spending by $80 billion and eliminates the previously negotiated debt limits set through March 2017.  Without passage of this budget, on […]

  • Intelligence Agencies Use Psychological Operations to Achieve North American Union

        Army Psychological Operations Official Patch and Motto             By:  Nick Russo    January 31, 2015 There is currently a Psychological Operation being implemented ON the American Public BY Intelligence Agencies with the stated objective of manipulating the public into seeing a perceived benefit in relinquishing the National Sovereignty […]

  • CIA says: ‘Smart’ Appliances Are Spying on You

           by:  Nick Russo     November 6, 2014 There has recently been a big buzz regarding Samsung’s newest “smart TV” and its ability to listen and record your conversations as well as keep track of everything you watch on it.  These new “smart features” and, subsequent, data collection are clearly detailed in Samsung’s […]

  • U.S. Violating Protocols and Common Sense on Ebola

          October 13, 2014 By:  Nick Russo Let’s use some common sense for a moment. #1.  If you have a viral outbreak in a country which has a kill rate of between 50%-90% and is a worse threat to humanity than the HIV epidemic in Africa, then you probably shouldn’t INTENTIONALLY bring […]

  • Labor Force Participation Lowest In 36 Years (We’re Not Adding Jobs)

    Chart Link: (Large View Here) Labor Force Participation Lowest In 36 Years                 By:  Nick Russo  October 7, 2014 So this is what our government considers an increase in jobs for the month of September. We increased the amount of jobs in the month of September […]