Authoritarianism Finds A Way: Uses Both Right and Left Politics

the only difference is the marketing strategy



By:   Nick Russo        Oct 1, 2015

The great war between the Right and the Left in most developed countries around the world acts as a huge distraction with regard to the real issues effecting normal people.  Getting bogged down in the details of the Right-Left ideological paradigm consumes all the People’s energies and keeps them from seeing how both sides of the political spectrum are systematically limiting all People’s freedoms.  The Right-Left paradigm is a tool used to control the entire population. False enemies are presented to the People.  False conflicts between the “enemies” act as theater keeping the People occupied.  All the while the “enemies” are teamed up to advance the only agenda important to modern governments:  Total Control through Full Spectrum Dominance of Power in every area–also known as Authoritarianism.

This power dynamic can be observed in every developed nation past and present.  History is filled with examples.

In the German case of the 1930’s, Authoritarianism flourished under cover of “right”-wing politics.

Currently, in the American case, Authoritarianism is flourishing under the guise of “liberal” left-wing politics.  One recent example from democrat President Obama is the Affordable Health Care Act or Obama-care.  American citizens are being forced against their will to purchase a product (health care) from a multi-national corporation oftentimes at a higher price than before the mandate.

The elimination of freedoms is not limited to the democrats and the Left.  It also flourishes under the leadership of the republicans and the Right.  A few modern examples of republicans limiting freedom are Hate Speech Laws and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which limits the free speech and the due process guaranteed under the American Constitution.

In both of these cases, Authoritarianism is the real operating agenda.  When they’re telling you what you can and can not do or say, it is Control–it doesn’t matter which side of the political spectrum the Control comes from.

What we, the People, have to see is that the agenda is Authoritarian in nature and is coming from both sides of the political spectrum.  The attack on Freedom is like a military pincer attack -an attack of free culture from both sides, Right and Left.  The People fight until we are exhausted about false issues like trans-gender bathrooms in schools and racial discrimination.  False issues which are designed to divide and distract the population from real issues like Debt Enslavement by International Banks and Politicians blatantly violating the laws of their nations.

Meanwhile, both the Right and the Left continue to create and sustain policies which allow governments and corporations to Illegally Spy on All Citizens every minute of everyday and policies which give money from our nation’s treasuries to Bail Out Private Banks and Individuals.

The great distraction of Right and Left politics keeps the People from identifying WHAT is being perpetrated against us and WHO is executing the attack on Liberty worldwide.  The futility of the Right-Left paradigm to adequately describe differences between “factions” of the global ruling class is demonstrated  in a simple comparison between Fascist Germany and Communist China.  These two political systems are different approaches to the same attack on Freedom.  Both of these examples, were/are highly controlled authoritarian societies. The effect on normal everyday people is the same–keep your head down, watch what you say, and follow government rules or you and your family will suffer.   As a consequence of the severe control both of these governments were allowed to exercise over their People, these societies intentionally killed millions of people who did not comply or were perceived threats to the ruling elite.

Authoritarianism finds a way.  Authoritarianism uses as its cover any political ideology which disguises it enough to continue its progress

Don’t let the distractions keep us from identifying WHAT is being done to us and WHO is plotting against us.  By shining light on the creeping authoritarianism infecting the world today, we take away one of its great strengths-not being able to operate in the camouflage of darkness.  When a critical mass of People become aware of the Authoritarians promoting their agenda of less Freedom, these agents of control will feel less inclined to act against us.