Trans-Humanism: The Scientific Elite’s Plan For Humanity






By:  Nick Russo         July 25, 2015   Happy Birthday!!

We have let an anti-human scientific elite gain control of our planet.  A elite group so vain they believe they can control and direct the evolution of Humanity.    Consequently, this elite has decided to, by force, turn  human evolution in a new direction.

This technological elite has decided that human beings are obsolete, have reached their developmental apex, and as such have now become a liability.  Therefore, this elite has decided to sever its ties to Humanity and proceed down an alternative evolutionary path.  This alternative evolutionary path is called Trans-humanism or post-humanism.   Trans-humanism involves a combination of genetic modification, advanced vaccines and pharmacology, robotics, artificial intelligence, and human-machine interfacing where humans are slowly modified and merged with machines, then eventually phased out completely.

The merging of human and machine has already begun with simple virtual realities and human augmentations and will slowly increase over time with the advancement of technology.  Finally, the merging will end with a full human-machine hybrid.  The gradualism or slow implementation of human-machine interfacing will ensure no societal disruption as most people will fail to even recognize its existence and its progression until it’s too late.

Simultaneously, this elite has decided that the obsolete human beings, those who do not wish or who do not have the means to participate, will be slowly eliminated through a gradual (but steady) chemical and biological attack.  In the scientific elites view, through this process, a new species will inherit the Earth.  This is what the technological elite believe is the “destiny” of Humanity.

Of course, this scientific elite’s vanity has deceived them into believing that they are gods, and as such, can operate in God’s realm – in the jurisdiction of the Supreme Intelligence.

We, the humble, understand the scientific elite’s vain miscalculations and are God-fearing in regards to the results of this plan.  We experience great anxiety that our forefathers allowed the abscess of this elite to fester and embed into the human community.  Our forefathers were warned of the presence of such an elite and their influence on official policies; and having knowledge of their presence, our predecessors turned a cowardly eye towards the eradication of this elite’s influence on global public policy.

We, the humble, want to Peacefully resolve this conflict between Humanity and the Technological Elite so that our progeny may experience the beauty of reality and Life unmolested and in Peace with one another.

With the knowledge that it has taken literally a million years and immense struggle to progress to where human beings are today, we humans ask the Creator- with humility- to guide us towards Peace, an appreciation for true Beauty, and away from the extinction of authentic Humanity.