This Is What Our Politicians Should Sound Like

US National Debt % of GDP with Republican Effect

US National Debt % of GDP with Republican Effect








By:  Nick Russo       November 1, 2015

Republican controlled Congress approves budget with increased spending and more national debt.

Republican controlled Congress approves budget which increases spending by $80 billion and eliminates the previously negotiated debt limits set through March 2017.  Without passage of this budget, on November 3rd the United States would DEFAULT on its sovereign debt payments.


Senator Ted Cruz, a rival Republican presidential candidate accused Congress of “handing the president a blank credit card for the remainder of his tenure.


Debt is one of our nation’s biggest problems.  Increasing our nation’s debt is NOT a solution.  Why do our leaders keep putting us further into debt?

Do the politicians you support represent you when they go to Washington?  Will you be voting for a Presidential candidate who is absolutely dedicated to representing the real values of Americans?

Or do you support politicians who on both sides of the aisle continually vote to increase the burdensome debt of this country?

SOS!  The national debt is a REAL national security issue.  Support politicians of ANY party who ACT to resolve this key issue.

The video below is almost seven minutes long.  I know that’s a little too long for the average attention span, but I encourage you to take the time to observe what a real Representative of the People looks and sounds like.  There are only a few these statesmen in Congress but they are gaining ground and calling out our enemies.   They need our support OR we deserve what we get.