The Gruber Example: How The American People Can Beat The Criminals

By:  Nick Russo     

December 9, 2014


On December 9, 2014, Jonathan Gruber testified in front of a Congressional Oversight Committee in the House of Representatives.  These Congressional Hearings are very insightful. Congressional Hearings are great examples of both how the criminal element is allowed to continue its influence within the government without any real repercussions; but also, they are great examples of how the American People can WIN against this same criminal element by prosecuting those committing crimes against the American People.

An example of how Congressional Hearings protect criminals within the government is on exhibit here.  The hearings typically ARE the Manipulated Cover-Up of the offense.  For example, most of the Congresspeople in these hearings are extremely focused on how Gruber called the American People “stupid”.  These Congresspeople are, rightly, offended by Mr. Gruber’s comments.  However, calling people stupid is NOT a criminal offense.

So, what we have is a hearing where the focus of energy is on scolding Mr. Gruber in front of the American People for calling them stupid.  By narrowing the focus to topics which do not include crimes (i.e. calling the People stupid), a criminal can be publicly scolded and the public made to feel like their Congresspeople “did something”.  Meanwhile, the person or persons who have actually committed a Felony, while publicly scolded, have GOTTEN AWAY WITH THE CRIME.

The formula is very simple.  Have a Congressional Hearing, Create the talking points you want to have heard, Have most of the Committee Members on “your team”  to execute the controlled topics, Scold the Criminal publicly, and finally let him get away with Crime.

We just discussed how Congressional Hearings, in general, act as the actual protection of the criminals and contribute to criminals continuing to operate within our government.

Now let’s talk about the great example this Congressional Hearing lays out for the American People to take their government back from the Criminals which have high-jacked it.

The video highlighted at the top of this article shows Congressman, Rep. Mike Turner-Republican OH, not focusing entirely on Mr. Gruber’s name calling, but on the fact that the Obama Administration knowingly and intentionally deceived the Congressional Budget Office.  They did so by writing the Affordable Health Care Act in a consciously “tortured way in order that the CBO did not label the law as a TAX”, therefore, the bill could be passed as a benefit not a Tax. 

Simply stated, the Congressman is saying in plain English that Mr. Gruber and the Obama Administration committed FRAUD against the American People–a FELONY.   The crime has been explained within the framework of the Congressional Hearing.

If the House of Representatives (controlled by the Republicans) had the inclination, it HAS THE SOLE POWER to bring charges against President Obama or members of his Cabinet for committing Fraud, specifically in the case of the Affordable Health Care Act.  This power is formally called the Power of Impeachment as laid out in Article One, Section 2 of the United States Constitution.

In Article One, Section 3 the United States Constitution goes on to give the Senate the “SOLE POWER” to try all Impeachment cases.  So, after the House of Representatives indicts the person/s, the Senate acts as the Jury in hearing the case and has the Power to find the person/s guilty or not guilty by a vote of  two-thirds majority.  If someone is found guilty Congress can immediately REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE and can prevent them from EVER HOLDING OFFICE AGAIN.  Furthermore,  “THE PERSON CONVICTED IS STILL SUBJECT TO INDICTMENT, TRIAL, JUDGEMENT, AND PUNISHMENT” within the criminal justice system.  (House’s Power of Impeachment and Senate’s Power to Try Impeachment Cases in Constitution)

The American People only need to put enough pressure on our Congressional members within the House and Senate to FOLLOW THROUGH with Impeachment Proceedings on Crimes committed and WE CAN WIN this war against the criminals in both parties who continue to operate and cause harm within the government of the United States.  SENDING PEOPLE TO JAIL is the only action that will send the clear message that criminal behavior is NO LONGER TOLERATED WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT.


Newly Elected Congresspeople:  What are you going to do?