The Geo Engineering Deception

Contrails From Jets Geoengineering at work

Contrails From Jets
Geoengineering at work










By:  Nick Russo     December 21, 2015



This article is an example of HOW GOVERNMENT & MEDIA MISLEAD YOU.


The Smithsonian Institute publishes the Smithsonian Magazine.  According to Google:

The Smithsonian Institution (Smithsonian) is the world’s largest museum complex and research organization. Its annual operating and capital program revenues come from its own private trust fund assets and federal appropriations, with the majority of funds for facilities coming from federal appropriations.


The Smithsonian Magazine recently published an article called:

Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering (link here)

In the article, the Smithsonian Institute (a quasi governmental organization) claims that the airplane contrails which have increased tremendously in recent time:

alters how sunlight reaches the Earth and may be unintentionally affecting our climate…

This haze is caused by airplanes, and it is gradually whitening blue skies…We might be actually conducting some unintentional geoengineering here..

Although the Research Organization known as the Smithsonian Institute, admits in the article that scientists have “proposed” the idea of geoengineering in the past:

previous researchers have proposed combating global warming by intentionally seeding the atmosphere with small particles, or aerosols, to scatter some sunlight and reduce the amount of heat trapped by greenhouse gases.

The Smithsonian Institute fails to elaborate on the decades long research and operational programs which have been used to Modify Weather and also used as Offensive Weather Weapons.  Instead, the Smithsonian falsely presents the idea that the huge amount of airplane contrails we see in the skies today are accidentally producing the exact same results as ‘the proposed-but never used- geoengineering projects’:

As a contrail dissipates…  the particles are there until they fall out of the atmosphere. And while in the sky, they scatter the sun’s light in a similar way as in the proposed geoengineering projects.

This Smithsonian Magazine article is literally a falsehood.  This article is intentionally misleading the public into believing that the geoengineering effects of airplane contrails in our skies is completely accidental.

The purpose of the Smithsonian article is to introduce the concept of geoengineering to the uninformed public, but to do so in a way that disguises the true agenda which has been going on for many years.

It is literally the government saying, ” oh what’s that?” and “why is this happening?”  But, while our government is pretending like it doesn’t know anything about geoengineering; some citizens have done some research on the subject.

As painstakingly detailed in a previous article on this site titled:

Geo-Engineering = Experimentation On Climate And People (link here)

Please revisit the article- linked above- for examples of hard supporting evidence which unequivocally demonstrate:


Geo engineering has been taking place since at least the 1960’s and continues to this day.

There is a rarely discussed international program being implemented by the Government and Scientific community in order to artificially control the climate and manipulate global weather.

United States government has designated global warming as a national security threat.

Geo-engineering projects have been operational since the 1960’s.

Geo-engineering projects have been used for research AND for offensive weapons of war which have been used operationally in the battlefield.

Elite billionaires and governments have been funding the technological advancement of Geo-engineering. 

The United Nations, through international treaties, has placed regulations on Geo-engineering use.

The United States government has issued patents for Geo-engineering technology.

Congressional hearings admit the existence of Geo Engineering programs.

Independent testing has been done on material falling from the sky after significant spraying has been documented.  This testing has revealed high levels of Barium and other metals which are unhealthy for humans, agriculture, and the environment in general.


And while this government research organization may try to deceive the people into thinking geoengineering doesn’t exist or is an accident, the people who are informed know what is happening.

Informed people ask the question:  if large scale Geo-engineering doesn’t exist; why has billions of dollars been spent studying it, why are there so many Geo-engineering patents issued by the U.S. government, why did the United Nations- through international treaties-place regulations on Geo-engineering use, why are there contrails all over the sky, why do military advisers claim Geo-engineering should be part of our national security policy, and why are there results of real-life tests showing high levels of metals secreting from the sky.

The answer of course is:  Our government, and others around the world, in an intentional program are spraying an aerosol of nano-particles and/or other chemicals in the air.  They are doing this upper atmosphere spraying to research its effects on lowering the temperature of the Earth.  They are also doing it to research Weather Weapons to be used on our enemies.  The spraying is being done without regard to its effects on the human beings below.  The materials being sprayed in our atmosphere eventually fall to Earth contaminating our environment and harming the uninformed citizens below.

So which group of people do you belong?: the informed minority or the uninformed majority.