Television As A Weapon–We Are Being Lied To

Television is a weapon system being used against us

Television is a weapon system being used against us








By:  Nick Russo      September 1, 2015

The television is a weapon system used to manipulate the mind of the viewer into suspending normal human discernment and judgement.  It is capable of telling us things which we know are not true, but are implanted into our minds forcibly without regard to logic.

I am not one to play the victim.  I believe that any problem has a solution and victimization is never an excuse to quit trying.  We, all humans, are being victimized by international corporations and governments.   When I look at what’s being done to us; I just can not fathom why most people can not see how we are being intentionally harmed and, furthermore, why people are not angry enough to stand up and to peacefully do something about it.

The answer to why people are still asleep after all the harm which has been done to them is due to the fact that most people are honest and good. When someone who the people feel is credible tells them something, they tend to believe them and it is hard for good people to imagine that someone they trust would do them any harm.

The television news and the government are still highly credible to most people even though it has been proven time and time again that both of these institutions lie to us constantly and even do us personal harm.

Don’t forget the University of Hawaii study which demonstrated that governments were the leading cause of death to human beings in the twentieth century.  Over 262,000,000 human beings were deliberately killed (NOT including wars) by governments in the twentieth century alone.  These are not casualties of war, but people who were Murdered by governments also known as Democide.

The statistics of this peer reviewed university study:

Governments Killed More Humans in the 20th Century than any other cause

Governments Killed More Humans in the 20th Century than any other cause






















Below are just two examples of how “experts” in the media are expounding ideas which the common person intuitively knows are harmful, but the credibility of the television confuses their human discernment.  The muting of our discernment leads to a relieving of mental stress (aka cognitive dissonance) which would otherwise be associated with knowing that what these pundits are saying to us is untrue and bad for our survival.  Without this agitation of the mental stress, there is no motivation to act to solve the problem.  The problem being a specific group of people which are trying to convince the masses that behaviors like, injecting mercury into newborns or ingesting weed killer, which are harmful to human life should be continued.

MERCURY IS GOOD FOR CHILDREN.  Every human being in the developed world knows that mercury in the body is not good for anyone-especially children.  Here is an example of the news telling people the exact opposite of common sense:


GLYPHOSATE (Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer) IS COMPLETELY SAFE FOR HUMANS.  Safe enough to drink..Every human being knows that weed killing poison is not safe to drink and is not good for humans to ingest in general.  Here is an “expert” on television telling people glyphosate is safe for humans and to reinforce his point he says he would even drink it.  Then, when confronted about drinking some he says, “I am not an idiot!”  I guess that means that the rest of us, who are ingesting it through the genetically modified glyphosate resistant food, are IDIOTS:


The television is being used against all human beings.  Yes, it is a source of entertainment-that’s the hook.  It is also a source of human manipulation which leads to human harm.  Our Free Will is being used against us.  We “freely” choose to absorb what the television broadcasts.  The multi-national corporations and government who control the airwaves are confusing our minds and making us numb to normal human discernment.  This desensitization to common sense is being created in order to create a social environment conducive to the radical changes in society which are being planned and perpetrated–including a much less healthy environment for human beings and much less freedom.