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  • How The Elite Control The “Free Press”

    image:             By:  Nick Russo      August 1, 2015 An amazing article from Zero Hedge entitled: Did Janet Yellen Just Ban A Reporter From The Fed Press Conference For Asking “Difficult” Questions illustrates just how “Freedom of the Press” works in the real world.  In reality, especially in matters […]

  • RIP America: Vocal Citizen Charged With Hate Crime For Free Speech

      By:  Nick Russo       July 6, 2015   The video above illustrates how this situation is a perfect example of the legal system persecuting a man for exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech.  This Colorado Springs, CO man has been charged with committing a bias-motivated crime (aka. Hate Crime), disorderly conduct, […]

  • How U.S. Intelligence Services Control Public Opinion With Fake News

     image:             By:   Nick Russo         March 15, 2015 Although explicitly illegal, the United States government has admittedly been engaged in Propaganda efforts WITHIN our borders since at least the 1950’s.  By propaganda, I mean the conscious dissemination of information (written, broadcast, or otherwise) intended to influence the minds […]