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  • NSA Leader Says Cabal Building Global System of Dominance

                  By:  Nick Russo         September 24, 2016   Pay very close Attention to interviews with people like the former Technical Leader of the National Security Agency. The man who led the team who Built many of the Systems currently being used by the NSA.  His name is William […]

  • Globalism And The Economy: We Have Been Captured

    Image: Oxfam International           By:  Nick Russo     January 21, 2016   THEY ARE COMING FOR IT ALL!! The answer to the economic crisis of 2008 was to have the central banks of the world engage in an unprecedented coordinated plan of global monetary stimulus.  Monetary stimulus means printing money-literally out […]

  • Sovereign Debt Default: The Free Market Answer

                  By:  Nick Russo     November 1, 2015 Perpetual Debt Slavery Is Not A Solution To Our Debt Problems   The Problem:  Creating Money-Out Of Nothing-Through Debt   The Solution:  Reduction of Debt Through Sovereign Insolvency and Bank Lending Reform The United States of America has a long developed body […]

  • A Warning From 1957 Signaling Your Society Is Collapsing

    By:  Nick Russo             Sept 24, 2015 Art is one way past generations communicate with future generations.  Often times, the communications are warnings of what aware artists see coming down the road.  The artist’s compassion compels them to warn people in the future. The need to make people aware becomes the motivation for the art […]

  • How The Elite Control The “Free Press”

    image:             By:  Nick Russo      August 1, 2015 An amazing article from Zero Hedge entitled: Did Janet Yellen Just Ban A Reporter From The Fed Press Conference For Asking “Difficult” Questions illustrates just how “Freedom of the Press” works in the real world.  In reality, especially in matters […]

  • China Ending Era of Dollar Supremacy

                  By: Nick Russo    March 25, 2015 After trying to fight the creation of a China based global lending institution for a year, the United States is “forced” to join the institution which was created as a competitor of the United States’ controlled World Bank.  The U.S. decision […]

  • Billionaires Love Socialism

    Google Images           Nick Russo      December 19, 2014 “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social […]

  • Financial Markets Are Rigged Against You

    Image:  By:  Nick Russo      November 17, 2014 The entire global financial system is and has been for a long time manipulated.  There is NO FREE MARKET.  There is ONLY COLLUSION between large institutions.  Just read the reports below.  It has been admitted that the largest markets in the world are completely rigged.  Institutions […]