E.U. Style Regional Government = Loss of National Sovereignty

Signed in 1957. The Treaty of Rome ultimately formed the European Union

Signed in 1957, The Treaty of Rome  created the European Union.









By:  Nick Russo      TheAnimatingContest.com      September 16, 2015

As documented on this website, the main strategic operating plan of the Globalists is to create a specific psychological environment in which existing citizens of nation-states become highly motivated to give up their national sovereignty and vote to bring their countries under the sovereignty of regional governing institutions such as the European Union.

The methods of accomplishing this lofty goal of the Globalists vary.  Generally speaking, the strategy is to create large-scale CRISES which create a fear reaction in the public, sell these crises to the people as “too big for individual nation-states to handle”, and then present the SOLUTION to the crises as entering into regional governing institutions to solve the crises “collectively”.  Subsequently, after a small group of regional governments have been established these regional institutions will be controlled with policies set by a relatively small group of billionaires and technocrats who are exempt from the new rules and who benefit financially from the policies they set.  Nation-states are neutralized as they are effectively absorbed into regional governing institutions and ruled by small groups that are completely unaccountable to the subjects which they rule.

Most people are unaware that the Treaty of Rome, signed in 1957, executed this exact plan as it created the European Economic Community.   As you can see, regional governance is not a new idea and their have been people warning of this regional government strategy for decades.  The people who have seen the steady progression towards the loss of accountability of government by its citizens have spoken out and have been ridiculed as paranoid conspiracy theorists.  Nevertheless, we have traveled far down the road of tyranny and now have a concrete example of how national sovereignty is lost and the policies it leads to.

The Europe Union is the perfect example.  Politically correct citizens of some European nations voted to enter the European Union because the environment was created to induce them to do so.  Other countries, for example Greece, voted to NOT participate in the regional governments dictates, but were forced to obey regardless.

Now, with the war refugee crisis in full gear and hundreds of thousands of immigrants flooding into the nations of Europe, the European Union is revealing its power over individual nation-states.  Recently, due to the immigration crisis in Europe, the United Nations and EU have demanded that the individual nations of Europe accept refugees coming from Middle Eastern countries which have been destabilized by the foreign policy of NATO allies, mainly the United States.

BBC reports: Migrant crisis: EU ‘must accept 200,000 refugees’, UN says

 EU nations must accept up to 200,000 refugees as part of a “common strategy” to replace their “piecemeal” approach to the migrant crisis, the UN says.

Antonio Guterres, head of the UN refugee agency, said the EU must mobilise “full force” for the crisis, calling it a “defining moment”.

CNN reports:  Migrant crisis: EU nations face plans for binding quotas

The European Commission has set out detailed plans for mandatory quotas for EU nations to take in refugees, as Europe struggles to cope with a huge influx of migrants — many of them fleeing war in Syria.

They would be distributed among other EU states according to binding quotas based on each country’s population, GDP, past asylum applications received and employment rate.

Many European nations are up in arms that they are being forced to literally change the demographic make-up of their countries by  unelected bureaucrats who are unaccountable to the constituents to which they are dictating policy.

Huffington Post reports: Here Are The European Countries That Want To Refuse Refugees

European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker spoke harshly on Wednesday about countries that seek to keep out refugees.

Juncker announced an emergency quota system that would spread out the deluge of refugees across the EU member states. Twenty-two of the 28 states will be required to open their doors….

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban called Juncker’s plan “mad.”

Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka is “convinced that Europe does not need new plans” for resolving the crisis. He wants any cooperation on refugees to be voluntary.

All of these developments demonstrate the fact that when you voluntarily enter your country into a regional governing institution, your country ultimately loses its sovereignty, your country loses the ability to act in the best interest of its citizens, and your country will be dictated policies which serve Globalist agendas.  This is what we are currently observing in Europe.

This same process will be used against the United States in order to neutralize our country’s sovereignty and create a North American Union which will dictate policy to Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  The specific environment is being slowly constructed over time to get people in these three nations to accept the idea of a “economic trading bloc” consisting of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.  This tactic is the same process used in Europe with the creation of the European Community which started out as a economic trading bloc and was quickly evolved into the political union named the European Union complete with a unaccountable small group of technocrats called the European Commission which dictates policies to the individual nation-states while being unelected by the citizens which they rule.

Here is what Wikipedia says about the European Commission:

The European Economic Community (EEC) was a regional organisation which aimed to bring about economic integration between its member states. It was created by the Treaty of Rome of 1957. Upon the formation of the European Union (EU) in 1993, the EEC was incorporated and renamed as the European Community (EC). In 2009 the EC’s institutions were absorbed into the EU’s wider framework and the community ceased to exist.

The same formula will be followed here in the United States.  It may manifest itself in many ways, but there will be a crisis which will cause the people of North America to be rightfully frightened.  This reaction of fear will be “resolved” by the solution of forming a large-scale regional North American Union which can tackle whichever large-scale crisis confronts us.

The crisis could, just like in Europe, be large scale human waves of immigrants fleeing horrific conditions.  These waves of immigrants would put enormous global pressure on our countries to open their borders due to the “humanitarian crisis” and human suffering which will undoubtedly be broadcast on every form of communication twenty-four hours a day as an electronic “how dare you not help these people” message which will engage most people’s political correctness and result in a “call to action”.  The call to action will be answered with the pre-determined solution of regional governance.

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