NSA Leader Says Cabal Building Global System of Dominance

Global Governance Aka World Government Is Their Stated Goal

Global Governance Aka World Government Is Their Stated Goal








By:  Nick Russo      TheAnimatingContest.com         September 24, 2016


Pay very close Attention to interviews with people like the former Technical Leader of the National Security Agency.

The man who led the team who Built many of the Systems currently being used by the NSA.  His name is William Binney and he is played by Nicolas Cage in the new Snowden movie by Oliver Stone-which is a must see.  The movie visually shows what the Globalist are doing which is Real Time Capture of ALL Information, putting it ALL into a database, and applying software to “Google Style” search it.  Digital Dossier’s on Everyone. Domestic Spying.  Completely Illegal.

Pay Attention to what the actual actors in the arena say from the inside and Listen to them on any program that will have them.  Globalists are using Full Spectrum Dominance of Information to, among other things, Dominate ALL People Economically.  They are using the Financial Dominance to Build a Global System of Dominance over All People.  And we’re right in the middle of it.

You’ve got to hear what NSA Leader, William Binney, has to say, Here:  It’s a complex subject, but this short clip breaks it all down for anyone to understand.


Former Technical Leader of the NSA Tells You What The Globalists Are Doing

“And so what they’re after, and I think Obama has stated this from various points, that he wanted a ‘world community,’ so I think that’s probably what they’re after.”

“And in order to do that they need to be able to control the people of the world. So in order to do that, you have to have knowledge of them to know who’s doing what so you can stop it, or manipulate it any way you want.”

Since 9/11, the NSA has aggressively increased the amount of data it obtains both domestically and abroad.