Arming ISIS is Anti-Muslim NOT Trump

The US Arms and Supports ISIS

The US Arms and Supports ISIS

Republicans and Democrats Have Supported ISIS

Republicans and Democrats Have Supported ISIS provided images


By:  Nick Russo      December 7, 2015

You would have thought the world was coming to an end by the reaction of Donald Trump saying that Muslims should not be allowed into the country until their identities can be determined and their backgrounds can be checked.  He has been called a Muslim hater.  Our “liberals” have even called for him to be murdered.

Obama Anti Muslim Not Trump

Arming and Supporting ISIS is Anti Muslim Not Trump

Talk about ignorance.  Our country is in trouble because of this type of lack of critical thinking.  No one can see reality.  For example, Donald Trump is considered “anti-Muslim”.  At the same time, our President who has armed and supported the terror group ISIS which has killed significantly more Muslims than Westerners according to a recent United Nations report is a “liberal” and cares about Muslims.

Do you see the inverted reality?  Trump is anti-Muslim, but our national policy of supporting a terror group that has ravaged the Middle East and northern Africa killing hundreds of thousands of Muslims is not.

You have to ask yourself what kind of mental illness or mass-hypnosis our society is under . The citizens of this country will never be free until we start seeing reality and speaking the Truth.

A lot of what Donald Trump has said in this circus of a Presidential election has been right on.  Some of the things he has said has been brash and maybe even insensitive, but people are just fed up with politicians on BOTH SIDES of the aisle who won’t call the TRUTH -the Truth- because it might offend someone.  We want REAL PEOPLE with real opinions on the things that matter.  The population is sick of Politicians.  We want real people who truly represent the real people in this society.  That’s Trump’s appeal. He appears to say what he believes.  Love it or hate it.

However, I totally disagree with a religious test for immigration into our society.  I believe Trump’s comments were a reactionary statement, made in the context of an election campaign, that do not represent what America is all about.

We don’t need any new rules for immigration into our country.  Just use the rules that are currently in place.

I believe in immigration.  It keeps our country diverse and strong.  I also know from direct experience the degree of examination that every person trying to enter our country goes through.  My wife immigrated from another country to the United States and we participated in the intensive FBI background checks, health checks, interviews, stacks and stacks of forms to fill out, and of course money paid.  All to ensure that the person coming into our country is safe for our society.

Our country’s immigration process includes the right of our nation to say NO to any immigrant for any reason.  One valid reason to deny anyone from entering the United States is that they are coming from a “problem” country. A problem country could be a country that we are in conflict with, it can be a country that is infested with a terrorism problem, it could be a country with a health-risk problem (i.e. Ebola), or it can just be because we decided to not let citizens from certain areas into our country for ANY reason.

That is what National Sovereignty looks like.  It is the right of any Nation to control its borders and to decide who enters these borders. 

How about this for common sense:  We are not allowing any one to immigrate to our country from an area infested with terrorism i.e Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. or at least until they are positively identified and background checked for security.

Citizens of countries who had an Ebola problem were restricted from immigration into the U.S. during that crisis and until they had gotten the problem under control. We now have a global terrorism problem.  When these  countries get their terrorism problem under control, we will resume the privilege of immigration with them. It is our prerogative who we decide to let in.

Our national policies should reflect our overall philosophy.  We, do not, and should not discriminate based on religion.  However, we should use our discernment when it comes to the safety of our citizens.  The safety of our citizens is a priority and one of the Constitutionally stated roles of our national government. 

Why is our federal government ALWAYS taking action in areas that it has no right and almost NEVER taking action in the areas where it has a duty and responsibility?