Even Iraq is Accusing Britain (& U.S.) of Arming ISIS

isis with us weapons

image:  theguardian.com

By:  Nick Russo       TheAnimatingContest.com            February 23, 2015

As originally reported by Kurt Nimmo in:  Iraq Accuses Britain of Delivering Weapons to Islamic State–Iraqi lawmaker says U.S. wants to promote chaos in his country (excerpts below)

“The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to the photos of both planes that are British and have crashed while they were carrying weapons for the ISIL,” Head of the committee Hakem al-Zameli said, according to the Arabic-language information center of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

“Hakem al-Zameli, a senior Iraqi legislator, added that the current government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from security forces in al-Anbar province about flights airdropping weapons to ISIS.”

“We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel from the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region,” the al-Ahad news website quoted the head of the al-Anbar Provincial Council Khalaf Tarmouz as saying.”

“In October a purported errant airdrop of weapons fell into the hands Islamic State fighters outside Kobani in Syria.”

“In November Iraqi intelligence sources said the U.S. is actively supplying ISIS with weapons.”

“The Iraqi intelligence sources reiterated that the US military planes have airdropped several aid cargoes for ISIL terrorists to help them resist the siege laid by the Iraqi army, security and popular forces,” a report stated.

“What is important is that the US sends these weapons to only those that cooperate with the Pentagon and this indicates that the US plays a role in arming the ISIL.”

Iraq is accusing Britain-and by default the United States-of hand delivering weapons caches directly to ISIS/ISIL.  It has long been well documented (see links below) that the West has been training and arming the radical Islamist group for the purpose of overthrowing the secular countries in the Middle East which did not want to join into the fold of the West’s plans for a “new order”.  Therefore, ISIS has been armed by the West to achieve foreign policy goals which it could not get done under the United States or British Flags.

Is ISIS a real terror group?  You bet it is, however, it has been allowed to flourish and has been trained and armed by the West in order to achieve the West’s goals of controlling the Middle East.  As everyone should know by now, ISIS is a Sunni-backed group primarily sponsored by Saudi Arabia.  A deal has been cut between Saudi Arabia and the major powers of the West (U.S. and Britain) to allow Saudi Arabia to be the sole hegemonic power of the Middle East with the West running Middle East policy through Saudi Arabia in a de-facto control.  Therefore, the West is taking over the Middle East through Saudi Arabia’s ground army-ISIS.  Supporting evidence of this policy is the documented plan itself and the actual implementation of the plan in the overthrow of Iraq, Libya, , and coming soon Syria.  This was well documented in 2001 when General Wesley Clark was told of the decision to overthrow seven countries in five years.(see below)

The United States government has been hijacked by people who believe in the philosophy of world government and is being used to arm and aid terrorists around the world for the purpose of destabilizing uncooperative Nations and consolidating power into the hands of a world government authority.

Since August 2014, this site has written articles documenting the arming of ISIS by the United States government: