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  • Global Governance Is Rule by Elites

              By:  Nick Russo     October 13, 2015 To free people around the world, it has now become obvious that the United Nations, along with the wealthiest individuals on the globe, have decided that National Sovereignty is an old, obsolete idea and for decades now have been building a Global Governing […]

  • Authoritarianism Finds A Way: Uses Both Right and Left Politics

    image:   By:   Nick Russo        Oct 1, 2015 The great war between the Right and the Left in most developed countries around the world acts as a huge distraction with regard to the real issues effecting normal people.  Getting bogged down in the details of the Right-Left ideological paradigm consumes all the People’s […]

  • E.U. Style Regional Government = Loss of National Sovereignty

                    By:  Nick Russo      September 16, 2015 As documented on this website, the main strategic operating plan of the Globalists is to create a specific psychological environment in which existing citizens of nation-states become highly motivated to give up their national sovereignty and vote to bring their […]

  • Citizens vs Police: Engineered Conflict / Pre-Determined Result

                          By: Nick Russo       September 11, 2015   Crisis-Reaction-Solution We are currently witnessing an attempt to racially divide the United States of America for the purpose of destabilizing society to such a degree that real Crises such as urban rioting will erupt throughout the country.  […]

  • Television As A Weapon–We Are Being Lied To

    image:             By:  Nick Russo      September 1, 2015 The television is a weapon system used to manipulate the mind of the viewer into suspending normal human discernment and judgement.  It is capable of telling us things which we know are not true, but are implanted into our minds […]

  • Eugenics: Elite Philosophy and The Foundation of All Tyranny

    Image:                           By:  Nick Russo      August 3, 2015 Way back at the beginning of the twentieth century, a scientific elite based out of England and the United States started disseminating the idea that the Earth was over-populated. Based on this intentionally […]

  • How The Elite Control The “Free Press”

    image:             By:  Nick Russo      August 1, 2015 An amazing article from Zero Hedge entitled: Did Janet Yellen Just Ban A Reporter From The Fed Press Conference For Asking “Difficult” Questions illustrates just how “Freedom of the Press” works in the real world.  In reality, especially in matters […]

  • Trans-Humanism: The Scientific Elite’s Plan For Humanity           By:  Nick Russo         July 25, 2015   Happy Birthday!! We have let an anti-human scientific elite gain control of our planet.  A elite group so vain they believe they can control and direct the evolution of Humanity.    Consequently, this elite has decided to, by force, turn  human evolution […]

  • Economic Warfare: CITIZENS ARE THE COLLATERAL For International Bankers Debt

    image:             By:  Nick Russo     July 14, 2015 Bankers  vs.  The People What we are seeing in Greece is the new world financial system in action.  Here is how it works.   Your country will accept increasingly burdensome debt from international banks which create the money out of nothing […]

  • RIP America: Vocal Citizen Charged With Hate Crime For Free Speech

      By:  Nick Russo       July 6, 2015   The video above illustrates how this situation is a perfect example of the legal system persecuting a man for exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech.  This Colorado Springs, CO man has been charged with committing a bias-motivated crime (aka. Hate Crime), disorderly conduct, […]