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  • Economic Warfare: CITIZENS ARE THE COLLATERAL For International Bankers Debt

    image:             By:  Nick Russo     July 14, 2015 Bankers  vs.  The People What we are seeing in Greece is the new world financial system in action.  Here is how it works.   Your country will accept increasingly burdensome debt from international banks which create the money out of nothing […]

  • George Soros Tax Scam: Calling For Higher Taxes On The “Rich”

    image:               By: Nick Russo    May 1, 2015 George Soros is a multibillionaire who is always calling for the raising of taxes on what he calls the “rich”.   The only problem is he doesn’t pay his taxes. An article by Emily Stewart published at  shows a […]

  • China Ending Era of Dollar Supremacy

                  By: Nick Russo    March 25, 2015 After trying to fight the creation of a China based global lending institution for a year, the United States is “forced” to join the institution which was created as a competitor of the United States’ controlled World Bank.  The U.S. decision […]

  • Billionaires Love Socialism

    Google Images           Nick Russo      December 19, 2014 “One is impressed immediately by the sense of national harmony…. Whatever the price of the Chinese Revolution it has obviously succeeded… in fostering high morale and community purpose. General social and economic progress is no less impressive….The enormous social […]

  • Financial Markets Are Rigged Against You

    Image:  By:  Nick Russo      November 17, 2014 The entire global financial system is and has been for a long time manipulated.  There is NO FREE MARKET.  There is ONLY COLLUSION between large institutions.  Just read the reports below.  It has been admitted that the largest markets in the world are completely rigged.  Institutions […]

  • CIA says: ‘Smart’ Appliances Are Spying on You

           by:  Nick Russo     November 6, 2014 There has recently been a big buzz regarding Samsung’s newest “smart TV” and its ability to listen and record your conversations as well as keep track of everything you watch on it.  These new “smart features” and, subsequent, data collection are clearly detailed in Samsung’s […]

  • Democrat and Republican Factions Converging -Threatening Establishment

                By:  Nick Russo       October 20, 2014 I do not agree with Robert Reich on a lot of issues, however, he wrote a very astute article on the Democratic Left and the Tea Party Right converging on many very important issues for our country.  This converging may hold the […]

  • Labor Force Participation Lowest In 36 Years (We’re Not Adding Jobs)

    Chart Link: (Large View Here) Labor Force Participation Lowest In 36 Years                 By:  Nick Russo  October 7, 2014 So this is what our government considers an increase in jobs for the month of September. We increased the amount of jobs in the month of September […]

  • Globalism: The End of Nation-States and Accountability to Citizenry

        Image: By:  Nick Russo   September 29, 2014 Since 9/11, many writers have written pieces highly critical of the American Government.  Many people’s initial response is that writers of critical articles are somehow anti-American.  This idea is reinforced by the corporate owned media.  This anti-American labeling is the exact opposite of the truth.  […]

  • July Jobs Growth Disappoints and Real Unemployment Hangs at 18%

                BY Peter Morici   The Street NEW YORK (TheStreet) — The Labor Department reported the U.S. economy added only 209,000 jobs in July. The unemployment rate rose to 6.2%, but that hardly tells how tough the labor market has become for ordinary folks. The jobless rate may be down from […]