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  • Wake Up and Live- Bob Marley

    Good Advice from a wise man. Listen to “Wake Up and Live” Performer:  Bob Marley     Album: Survival (1979) Writer(s): Sangie Davis, Bob Marley, Anthony Davis Copyright: Odnil Music Ltd., Sangie Davis Music, Fifty Six Hope Road Music Ltd.   One, two, three, four! Wake up and live, y’all, Wake up and live! Wake up and […]

  • Bob Marley (Babylon System): Bob Marley speaks Truth to Power

    Listen to Babylon System Performer:  Bob Marley     Written by:  Bob Marley     Album: Survival (1979) In this song, Bob Marley speaks Truth to Power like no one else can. We refuse to be, What you wanted us to be. We are what we are, That’s the way, (way) it’s going to be, if you don’t know! […]